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Looking for a Preschool in Malaysia? Here’s Your Help Guide!


Preschools are the first schools in the initial years of childhood. That's what makes these extra important. As this would set the comfort, interests, and student's zeal to study and school environment, getting the best international school in Malaysia for your kid is paramount. Generally, Preschools teach students some essential motor skills, personality development traits, and also critical skills such as discipline, manners, and attitude and that's why it is of chief importance to find the right school for your kid. So, if you are the one looking for Preschool in Malaysia, we've got your back. Here is your step-by-step help guide to get the best for your kid.

  • Browse some options

When it comes to preschools in Malaysia, browsing options are recommended. Though different schools follow different curriculum, age criteria, guidelines, and education delivery methods, it is often advised to go through and consider looking for a few options. 

Further, narrow down your search and finalize spending on factors like faculty, location, fee structure, etc.

  • Check A to Z of schools

Making a detailed list with amenities, facilities and other intricate details of school helps in reaching an ideal option sooner. So, list down facilities, plus points and cons of schools you are considering. Later on, depending on your priorities, cancel out some options and narrow your search.

  • Fee Structure

This is one of the most important factors. Fee structure plays an important role as it gives you a clear intersection with your budget and financial structure planning while shortlisting a school. This can also be the deciding factor. Not only this, comparing fee structure with amenities and facilities provided by the school are also well mapped and considered while making the final choice.

When it comes to the fee structure,e looking for international schools in Malaysia can be a wise decision. Such as GIIS, with the most affordable fee structure and optimum amount of amenities and facilities required.

  • Location

As preschools are for toddlers, having the one near your residence can give you an upper hand. This would give a secure and safe feeling to send your kid to preschool in just the beginning years of schooling.

This also would help you in emergency conditions when your kid feels uneasy or left out in school. The transport service and convenience also increase the comfort and security in nearby preschools in Malaysia.

Which school to choose while finalizing preschools in Malaysia? 

Browsing various options brings confusion. But, no worries. We have got you covered. 

According to market reputation, fee structure, education quality, and level of the school, We recommend GIIS or Global Indian International School in Malaysia for sending your kid to preschool. The school follows a stringent curriculum that ensures 360 degrees development of students. In addition, it also keeps in mind the updated technology to leave no stones unturned for ensuring education quality. It has experienced faculty, and affordable fee structure, and premium facilities to make your preschool in Malaysia's choice sorted.