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The Best Ideas For Activities To Do As A Couple

The Best Ideas For Activities To Do As A Couple

A couple needs to isolate themselves regularly to strengthen the bond. To help you in your approach, we invite you to choose one or more original activities that we have collected for you. Find all the details in this article!

Organize a picnic

The idea of ​​a romantic dinner can be revisited according to everyone's preferences. This time, we suggest you highlight a gourmet picnic with your loved one. To do this, you must first find the best place and the most suitable setting. You can opt for Lotbinière, for example. You'll have the chance to fill your basket on the go. We advise you to stop on Route 132, along the St. Lawrence River. Then, take a short walk through the village of Saint-Antoine de Tilly. You will have the opportunity to buy authentic cheeses and beers. Drop off your belongings in the Joly de Lotbinière estate and admire the beautiful landscape around.

Have fun surrounded by nature in Beauce

If you are looking for an activity to do as a couple that is out of the ordinary, do not hesitate to go to Beauce. This place located in Quebec suggests activities at height. Once you arrive in Aventuria Village with your partner, you can zipline while enjoying superb views of the forest. To end a fun but tiring day, take your girlfriend to a nearby Nordic spa. It is also one of the most beautiful experiences adapted for a couple in love. The reason? You will relax in a place that is located near a lake.

Opt for thrilling activities

Wondering what to do today with your darling? You can suggest activities that raise the temperature and the adrenaline. For this, do not hesitate to favor a place in the heart of a nautical basin suggesting a wide range of activities. If you go to the Domaine Boisé, for example, you can surprise your partner with a climbing height of up to 40 feet. Otherwise, a short walk on the beach will also do the trick. To get a well-deserved rest, go to a nearby Spa. 

Getting on the bike 

Always with a view to doing an outdoor activity, we advise you to take up the vélorail. This original practice is often offered near Thetford. Let yourself be transported by a feeling of freedom on the edge of this type of transport. If you go to Beaulac-Garthby, you can ride in a beautiful setting for 20 to 30 km. You can continue your activity with short walks on the footpaths of the 3 Monts. Don't forget to bring the necessary equipment to refresh yourself, for example.

Dynamic walk from Levis to Bellechasse

If you are in Quebec, this route will make you happy, especially if you cross it with your partner. Take your bicycle and start by serving all along the river. To reach the Bellechasse cycle route, you must take the Harlaka footbridge. During these 74 km, you will discover beautiful landscapes. The bike wall in Saint-Anselme can only seduce you. When you arrive at the Falls of Armagh Park, feel free to take in the view in front of you.

Taste a gourmet dish

To adopt the idea of ​​the couple on a date, take a tour of the Auberge des Glacis. Take a moment to venture into the trails with your partner, hand in hand. You can also enjoy the spectacle of the sunset by the lake. Before going to sleep and spoiling your beloved with the vibrator, don't forget to take a trip to a local restaurant. In close collaboration with more than 70 suppliers, the latter will offer you a gourmet table. Take advantage of this great opportunity to offer a small gift to your lover or to declare your love for her.

Treat yourself to a moment of romantic relaxation

For those who wish to spend the weekend as a couple, we advise you to spend your stay in a hotel in Beauce. There is an exceptional place offering a little corner of paradise and other interesting services to their customers. The spa is usually one of them. Before embracing in the arms of your darling, show him the beauty of the city of Sainte-Marie. The latter is full of breathtaking monuments. To complete your activity, do not hesitate to go to Domaine Taschereau-Parc nature. Know that you can also make Valentine's Day coloring if you want.

Enjoy beers or wine together

Are you looking for fun activities? Find microbreweries and distilleries around your city. These places will allow you to taste various authentic products, according to your preferences. If you are running out of ideas for Valentine's Day, we advise you to opt for La Route des Vins et Alcools Bellechasse-Etchemin. What to admire the landscapes and the magnificent villages that await you on the country roads.

Immerse yourself in the culture of a place

Is your partner into the culture? We recommend that you take a trip to the Manoir Lac-Etchemin. This is a hotel located on the shores of Lac-Etchemin, as its name describes. The restaurant there offers different types of interesting menus. You can taste dishes mixing France and Quebec. You will also be dazzled by its exterior with gardens and swimming pools, a beautiful Valentine's Day image. What better way to relax as a couple?

Try a wilderness adventure

A walk in nature is one of the most popular couple activities today. Are you tired of pollution in the city? Are you planning to take your partner on an original love journey? We suggest a getaway near Montagny. There you will find a place called L'Isle-aux-Grues. An island that offers you different practices such as cycling, tasting cheese fondue as well as the experience of sleeping in an open-air tent.


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