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The browser and user of this website must pursue and abide the following terms and conditions of PDFSLIDER.com that according to our privacy and policy execute your relationship with the website PDFSLIDER.com. If you disagree or are unable to follow our terms and conditions, you are restricted to use our website. In the below mentioned terms & conditions of website PDFSLIDER.com, the term 'we', 'our' or 'PDFSLIDER.com' refers directly to the owner of this website and the term 'you' refers directly to the Viewer/User/Visitor of website PDFSLIDER.com. We will request the Viewer/User/Visitor to read the below mentioned 'Terms & Conditions' of website PDFSLIDER.com :-

  1. The content, graphics, information, representation or material on our website is solely ours, however the PDFs or Social links posted by the user will be counted in the right of both user as well as the website owner. The user possess right to delete the posts or links submitted by him. Procreation or copying of the material on our website is strictly prohibited and is against the rights of PDFSLIDER.com.
  2. Our website uses cookies to seek the browser preferences and in case you allow the cookies to be optimized, your information might be used the third parties.
  3. The data or content displayed on our web pages is for the knowledge sharing purpose and we possess all rights to modify, change or update the data or content as per our own concern, without prior notice to the website users.
  4. For any particular case, we or any of the third parties do not confirm the warranty or guarantee of the comprehensiveness, factuality or actuality of the information/source/materials/data availed or derived by PDFSLIDER.com. By following the 'Terms & Conditions', you acknowledge that the information/ materials/sources/data on PDFSLIDER.com may have some errors, faults or inaccuracies and we would not be responsible for any such errors, faults or inaccuracies according to the limit permitted by laws.
  5. You might be asked to claim for damages in case of unauthorized/illegal/unofficial usage of the website, PDFSLIDER.com as it would be considered a criminal offense.
  6. The user's use of PDFSLIDER.com and any conflict arising due to such usage of our website will be thoroughly considered as per the subject to the law.
  7. The user is not allowed to post any pornographic/sexual/abusive/x-rated content or material on website PDFSLIDER.com and the website owner possesses full rights to take action against such posts and such user.