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How to see WhatsApp hidden profile picture?

How to see WhatsApp hidden profile picture?

Are you longing to see someone’s WhatsApp DP, but you are unable to? This post has an answer to “ how to see WhatsApp hidden profile picture”.

Today, there are around two billion active WhatsApp users. Among those, if you wish to see one hidden WhatsApp DP, then there is something too special about your relationship or something too messy.

Under either of the conditions, technology remains the same for all. Whatsapp- a largely used instant messenger app is not gonna change the privacy policy for anyone. 

All we need to do is to go the extra mile. Trying our destiny with some tools can be helpful. This is what we are trying to do! Right?

The situation may arise because someone has blocked you or due to a change in the privacy setting. 

Whatsapp is loaded with privacy options. 

One can go to setting → Click on Account → Click on “Privacy” → Click on “Profile photo” → Choose the preferred setting


Privacy Control for DP on WhatsApp Messenger

There are options available on Whatsapp Messenger to control the visibility of profile pictures. 

A profile picture can be made accessible for Everyone, My Contacts or Nobody.


For Everyone- Opting for everyone allows you to make pictures visible for everyone, irrespective of whether the user is in your contact list or not. Often, those who use WhatsApp business accounts apply this privacy setting.

For My Contacts- This option limits the visibility of Whatsapp DP to the users who are in your contact list. Those who love to keep their original picture as a WhatsApp profile picture on their personal number usually prefer this privacy option.

For Nobody- This privacy option restricts the visibility of the WhatsApp profile picture for everyone, whether or not the user is in your contact list. 


A website that may be helpful!

Before moving on to the answer for how to see WhatsApp hidden profile pictures, let me tell you one website which is in the mainstream these days to see WhatsApp hidden profile pictures. 

This website is none other than “Wassame”.

Though, I have never used it but have often heard about this website. This website has an array of tools that allows you to check WhatsApp's hidden profile picture and status along with some of WhatsApp's hidden dp hacks and tips to make a new account on WhatsApp.


An option that will surely work!

Another option to see WhatsApp's hidden profile picture is too cool and casual to use. If you wish to see somebody’s DP who is in contact with your relative or friend, then this option is for you. 

You simply need to check the DP through the WhatsApp of your common friend or relative. 

If the number is not saved, add and save the contact number in your friend’s or relative’s WhatsApp and check the profile picture. 

Under any of the following conditions, the option holds value:

 If you are blocked and the DP is open for everybody.


If the DP of the person whose hidden WhatsApp picture you wish to see is open for contacts and your relative/friend is in the contact list of that person.


Try! It May Work!

It's a little complicated to supersede the privacy policy of a leading mobile communication service provider company- “Whatsapp”. However, there is nothing bad in testing our luck. Sometimes with the use of technology and sometimes with the brain, we reach the point where we get something we are desiring for. 

Try the Whatsapp hidden DP hacks mentioned above! All the best! 

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