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The top 5 Retail Security Practices to keep your store safe


Employee theft, shoplifting and fraud can all have a detrimental effect on the business and that's when luxury shop security becomes essential.

Install a good alarm system

Retailers lose millions of pounds each year as a result of theft and more can be done to deter opportunistic thieves, as well as prevent any internal misconduct. Criminals can break into a shop in a matter of minutes, but this is made more difficult if a good alarm system is installed.

A monitored alarm will help deter burglars or trespassers and these devices can detect intruders who can climb through open doors and windows. Any motion will be picked up and the alarm will sound. Business owners can have the alerts sent to their mobile devices as well as to a central monitoring unit, which can send out police response teams.

Install CCTV to identify possible perpetrators

Installing a video surveillance system is a highly popular and effective way to ensure your security measures are up to date in your retail enterprise. Good video images and recordings can provide quality evidence required to prove an incident of theft in court. The presence too of visible cameras can ward off would-be thieves.
Real-time monitoring is key to the success of CCTV and cameras can be positioned in a number of areas around the store, from an inventory or stock room to the cash registers and the car park as well as the entrances and exit. Comprehensive coverage will ensure that your business is well protected.

Come up with ways of ensuring the store is not overcrowded

Every shop will have a maximum occupancy so it is essential that the number of people admitted at any one time is within this limit. During busy seasons, you can implement staggered entry for security purposes. This ensures that only a certain number of people are in the store for health and safety. Overcrowding in a store can be illegal and creates an unprofessional image.

Protect the business from internal theft incidents

Hiring additional people can be advantageous to the business and can provide extra coverage during times of seasonal rush. Additional cashiers and increasing the number of employees who have access to cash means that more security measures should be put in place. Additional luxury shop security personnel can provide just that.

While taking on additional people can certainly make the workflow easier during the holiday seasons, it can, however, lead to internal theft. This is largely preventable and can be addressed by conducting background checks on new staff. This should be managed thoroughly, especially if they will be handling sensitive information or large volumes of stock. Management teams should pay extra attention to personnel who can handle refunds or voided sales, as this can be a very easy way to steal high quality and high-value goods.

Invest in luxury shop security for protection

Always ensure that your stock, especially if it is valuable or branded, is properly protected. This is an essential part of security in stores and one way to address this is to invest in professional security personnel. When your goods are stolen, the business suffers as a result financially. Furthermore, if it is a small store, it can have an emotional impact on the owners. Losing stock also risks damaging the brand and this can be avoided by putting the right measures in place.

One additional security measure is to restrict access to stockrooms and non-public areas of your retail outlet. All valuable stock should be placed in a securely locked area which is clearly identified as a staff-only room. Genuine accidental entry will be avoided too and those who are not permitted to enter will be kept at bay.

Multiple staff members should be placed in areas where valuable stock is housed so that opportunistic theft is minimised. A visible security presence deters both internal and external criminals from stealing your items. Management should also ensure that luxury shop security is present and visible near any high-value items.

There are many security measures that retail owners can put in place to deter criminals, and speaking to other managers can sometimes highlight valuable new ideas, as can the advice of a professional retail security service.