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The Best Ways to Find Cheap Number Plates

The Best Ways to Find Cheap Number Plates

Purchasing personalized number plates can be a great experience. You can pick from a multitude of formats and styles with a multitude of options available to customize in accordance with your requirements. However, there is an associated cost and some of the plate options available will be very expensive. Everyone is looking for a deal but you need to be careful that you don’t end up with a plate that will be difficult to sell in the future should you need to sell. Make sure you know the pro’s and con’s of the various formats available and try to find cheap number plates that are also high in quality. It will be extremely rewarding if you can combine good quality with low cost when buying your new number plates. We will provide you with some insights on how to secure your ideal number plate at an affordable price.

Things You Can Do to Find Cheap Number Plates

1. Scrutinize what you actually want:

There are many formats and styles and there are regulations that you need to take into account when making your choice. If you know where to look there can be millions of possibilities for cheap number plates. Whilst dateless cherished number plates can be very expensive, there are still some combinations that provide you with affordable options. The following formats should be considered in your search for good quality plates at affordable prices:

● Rare names- Plates that display rare names are available at lower prices. This is because the demand is low due to the low number of people wanting the name on a personalized number plate. If you have an uncommon name, then there is a good chance that you can find an affordable personalised number plate that is also of good quality.

● Current style- The new style or current style number plates are some of the cheapest number plates available because of their abundant availability. These current style plates are issued twice per year by DVLA and the formats follow a standardized theme and pricing is very reasonable. If you want to make something more unique then you can use the letter and number combinations to great effect without incurring too much expense.

● Less recognizable names- By deliberately misspelling your name and replacing some of the required letters or numbers you can still add uniqueness to the number plate whilst reducing the cost. Examples of this would be using the number 6 instead of using the number 8 as the letter B or using the number 9 instead of using the number 6 as the letter G and so on…….

2. Find the Cheapest sellers:

In search engines, you can search for cheap number plates, and a multitude of companies will appear on the first page of the search engine results. Many of these companies will be selling the same personalized number plates and manually searching through these companies will allow you to make price comparisons. You will need to make sure you have a direct price comparison as some of these companies will have hidden costs. If you do not have much time available then here are some thoughts on how to find the best deals:

● Auction- Purchasing number plates at an auction can be a good option. If you like a number plate that few people at the auction have an interest in, you are more likely to secure a good deal. Alternatively a high level of interest in a particular plate in which you also have an interest can work out to be expensive. There are plenty of examples where people have paid over the odds for a personalized number plate at an auction.

Pros: Potential for getting a Good Deal.

Cons: Competitive demand can drastically increase the price.

● Licensed Seller- One of the best ways to buy a cheap number plate is to buy from a recognized DVLA reseller. A DVLA reseller will have a huge range of plate combinations, including un-issued and previously issued number plates. You can use their on-line search facility to find the best combinations. You can also secure finance with a payment installment plan.

Pros: A wide range of cheap number plate options.

Cons: Some sellers may have limited data if not a recognized DVLA reseller

● DVLA- The authority of DVLA as a government agency needs to be taken into account. Their prices include all fees but they do not provide a managed transfer service and they do not provide finance packages for the more expensive plates.

Pros: There are no hidden costs.

Cons: No finance packages available and no managed transfer service.

3. Wait for the right time:

Demand and supply can cause costs to fluctuate, and it is also true in the case of cheap number plates. The following are examples of price changes relating to specific times.

● Engagement or Valentine related plates can be elevated in price in the run up to February the 14th.

● Wedding related Plates can be seen to have elevated prices during popular periods for weddings, mainly during the summer months. You should plan to purchase a cheap number plate earlier in the year in readiness for a summer wedding.

● There are two releases of New Plates across the year - New cheap number plates are released by the DVLA in readiness for the new car registrations in March and September.


Finding a cheap number plate depends on a number of factors in combination with your circumstances, comprising; the type of plate you want, the seller from which you are purchasing, and the time of purchase. You need to take these factors into consideration with the aim of buying cheap number plates at the right time.

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