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The best secondary international schools in Tokyo

The  best secondary international schools in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the major cities of the world alongside London, Paris, and New York. It is renowned for its political, cultural, and economic heft and attracts tourists and ex-pat workers, and professionals from all around the world.

Quite natural for a city so developed and renowned internationally to have the best education system that includes these secondary schools as well as the international schools in Tokyo. These also cater to the educational requirements of children of ex-pats living in Tokyo who hail from different parts of the world.

Let us look at the leading secondary school and international schools in Tokyo.

The Global Indian International School

The Global Indian International School is one of the most popular international schools among ex-pats, especially Indians. It offers its students the top-ranked International Baccalaureate, CBSE and Cambridge curriculum allowing them to obtain admission to the best universities after graduating from the school. Being part of the globally renowned chain of GIIS international schools, the Global Indian International School provides the best possible international education to its students.

The British School in Tokyo

The British School in Tokyo is an extremely popular educational institution in Japan that was established way back in 1989. It provides solid British education to students from over sixty countries around the world. This international school in Tokyo is a place that is known to provide a stellar quality education that shapes the future of its students.

International School of the Sacred Heart

This Catholic school was founded all the way back in 1908 and provides education in English and Japanese. Their Advanced Placement Program is quite popular as it helps prepare students for higher education at the university level. Not only are they good at providing the best academic environment, but also put a lot of stress on sports and other extracurricular activities to ensure that students receive a well-rounded and holistic education.

Columbia International School

The Columbia International School provides a Canadian education to its students as it follows the Ontario curriculum. It was founded in 1997 and is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). It also happens to be amongst the very popular secondary international schools amongst the ex-pats.

K International School

This again is a leading international school established in 1997 and meets the educational requirements of over 600 students from about fifty nations. It is also the oldest International Baccalaureate(all three programs) affiliated school in Tokyo, apart from offering the IGCSE curriculum to its students. It's hardly surprising t this is such a popular school amongst the ex-pat community.


The best international schools in Tokyo like the ones described above are as good as the best anywhere. They provide the ex-pats living in Japan with the leeway of moving to Japan with their families because of the fact that their children’s education is well taken care of.



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