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SEO Article: Tips on How to Enhance Content Management with the Help of SEO

SEO Article: Tips on How to Enhance Content Management with the Help of SEO

In context to the contemporary world today, search engine optimization is hardly unknown and unfamiliar to various technological aspects in the industry. The advent of the internet paved way for lucrative online business opportunities which were tremendously received by people worldwide. According to the experts, search engine optimization in itself is a science that is comprised of various features. Content management is one of the most essential aspects of search engine optimization. The right kind of implementation of content management can truly enhance the productivity of the content in an effective manner. Let us read some of the most effective search engine optimization tips to enhance content management.

• First of all the best way to enhance content management is to auto title length highlighting in an effective manner. The thumb rule of having titles written within 65 characters is popular and a tool to simply define it is essential.

• Another best way to enhance content management is by having a tool that can easily warn about similar or duplicate content. As quoted in the article "5 SEO features for your Content Management System", "as your site matures, content teams grow and the number of published content increases it becomes more and more difficult to keep track of previously published pages. When creating a new page it is important to find similar content which may need to be redirected to the new page to avoid duplicate content, or which may remove the need to create the new page completely. Similar/related content is also useful to identify for cross-linking opportunities."

• Next best way to improve the quality of content management is by allowing keywords in URLs. Unlike common beliefs held by people across the globe, this is rather an important aspect. Surprisingly, even many experts in the industry tend to neglect this innovative feature. There are various advantages of this method.

• Keyword suggestions through automatic means are important. As quoted in the article "5 SEO features for your Content Management System" by the author, "these searches may or may not contain the original keywords, and are based on Bing's analysis of common customer intent (based on previous search behavior). The first thing I love about this is that it provides you with easy access to related search queries which you might want to consider for any given search. The SECOND thing I love is that this data is also available programmatically via the Bing API. I am not (much of) a developer, so I have not yet tried this myself, but I imagine it would not be too difficult to pull in this data and present it to users of a CMS as they type page title (please check to make sure you are not violating the terms of use for the API). 

These four tips are relatively very important and can offer effective solutions to all types of content management systems. There are certain disbeliefs that are circulating in the industry which are required to be tackled in an effective manner. By applying these solutions, content management is vulnerable to get affected positively. 

If you have a large website, it may even be possible to generate this data yourself based on the internal search strings from your own customers. The advantage of this approach is that you could enhance the data with actual customer search volumes so that your CMS users could prioritize some phrases over others…

Getting users to research keywords when creating content is one of the most challenging tasks in my job, however, integrated keyword suggestions directly in the CMS in this way would make it MUCH easier. 5) Content lifecycle management The only constant in life is change…

During the lifetime of your website, you can be almost certain that there will be a need for content to be moved or removed. Whilst content management systems typically enable certain users to do both, they rarely initiate an essential to inform search engines that a piece of content has been moved to a new location or to prompt them to remove a page from their index. Here are a couple of process flows to show what your publishing systems need to do in order to effectively move and remove a page for search engines…

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