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Optimise Your Recruitment Website Landing Page to Attract Top Talent

Optimise Your Recruitment Website Landing Page to Attract Top Talent

Creating a separate website or microsite dedicated to recruitment is becoming increasingly popular. Some companies even go as far as having a dedicated site for recruiting members of the senior management team.

So What Makes A Good Recruitment Website?

The best and most effective recruitment websites have some characteristics in common.

A clean/professional style and design: a recruitment website should be visually appealing and look professional. It should grab the attention of visitors within the first few seconds.

Good Usability: navigation should be clear so that candidates can find what they are looking for quickly. Custom-designed icons, sensible and intuitive menus, and easy sign-ins are all important.

Optimisation for Multiple Devices: the site needs to look great on all devices. This is especially important as the majority of potential candidates are likely to view the page on their mobile phone/tablet.

Optimised Jobs Board And Effective Search: there's no point getting people to your website only for them to not be able to use it to find vacancies! The job search function should be easy and up-to-date.

A Straight-Forward Application Process: you want to make it simple for candidates to apply whilst at the same time utilising technology to filter out those who are just not right. The application process should be straightforward but not necessarily 'easy'. You should be able to include auto-assessments in the application process.

Testimonials: These are extremely useful as they can uniquely sell your organisation/brand. If they are from current employees, they give a sense of authenticity.

Great Content: content should be engaging and relevant. Blogs should be regularly updated, and the latest news should be just that.

A Compelling Landing Page: it is estimated that you have around 15 seconds to 'grab' someone's attention and persuade them to stay on your website. Therefore, a landing page that does this is crucially important.

Landing Pages.

As we mentioned above, one of the common themes in the effective recruitment websites is that they have great landing pages. A great landing page should be quick-loading and also have all (or at least some) of the following:

Clear Navigation and Responsive Buttons: although it is tempting to flood the page with functionality and clever features, the best landing pages are easy to navigate and have responsive and relevant buttons. This includes social media links/icons.

Striking Images: The Best Landing Pages Have Clean, Relevant, And Simple Images.

Useful Video(s): many landing pages have videos embedded. They are an ideal way of showcasing the people at the heart of your organisation. An interview with a current employee or a 'welcome' message from the CEO both works well here.

Easy Sign-Up To Job Alerts/Newsletters: being able to get your brand and news into the inbox of potential candidates is really important as it helps you remain in their 'orbit'. So the best landing pages have one-click registration for newsletters and easy to tailor job alert emails.

Testimonials: These are a great way to 'sell' your brand and organisation. Some great landing pages have the following at their core.

Live News Feed: Whether this is industry news, current affairs, or even organisation-specific news, having a live feed on the landing page gives the impression of being 'up to the minute' and relevant.

Contact Details: The best landing pages show clearly how interested candidates can get in touch. It should be above the fold if possible.

What Not to Have On A Landing Page?

Things to avoid on a landing page include pop-ups/dropdowns, jargon, over-promotion of your brand organisation, links to seemingly random other websites, and complex navigation.

Recruitment Website Builder

A recruitment website builder is a specialist piece of software that lets you create a great website in a matter of hours. Some of the best recruitment website builder software includes templates, plug-ins and themes so, you don't have to start from scratch. It means that you can achieve a website that looks highly professional and has immense functionalities.

In summary, there are many great benefits of having a separate website or microsite dedicated to recruitment needs.


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