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Not Getting a Wall Panel for Your Home? Here’s What You’re Missing!

Not Getting a Wall Panel for Your Home? Here’s What You’re Missing!

A home is where we feel grounded, supported and comfortable. One of the many things that can take away from this experience is maintenance, especially an unannounced one. People often wait for things to wear out or break down before spending any money or attention. But in this article, we will be talking about prevention.

Specifically, preventing the exterior or façade of your home from weather and pollution. There are different types of cladding and different types of materials such as aluminium wall panels, charcoal panels, WPC panels. Depending on the task at hand, one can make a decision.


What is wall panel cladding?

As the word cladding suggests, it is a process of covering the outermost layer with another protective layer. Wall cladding can be both interior and exterior. In both cases, it augments the aesthetics and reinforces the ability to withstand weather, seepage, pollution, inevitable wear and tear.

Exterior wall cladding is a preventive measure against the many irritants that can damage the integrity of the walls. While the true purpose of cladding is to be a control measure, barely a prevention strategy, but a person with a decent aptitude for aesthetics can use them in the most creative ways to change the look and feel of the building. It prevents the internal wall from being damaged by water that can travel from outside into the walls or by water leakage that can be hazardous for people around. Think of it as armour around your house.



Wall cladding is a sensible investment. It might take up the limit of your budget while building a home but in the long run, it always proves frugal.

  1. Aesthetic armour
    It does two jobs at the same time, enhances the protection against anything that could potentially harm the integrity of walls and makes the home even more aesthetically appealing. External cladding makes the façade resistant to prolonged exposure to sunlight, weather fluctuations, humidity, temperature, et cetera. Different types of materials specialise in different types of protection. For example, aluminium wall panels are great for protection against corrosion, charcoal panels are eco friendly and offer a certain level of aesthetic liberty, WPC wall panels provide resistance to fire, and so on.
  2. The unintended consequence – Power saving and acoustics
    Wall claddings insulate the entire house which in turn helps keep the temperature of a building inherently low. This prevents the overuse of air conditioning and other cooling gadgets, keeping the electricity bill low and a home eco-friendlier. It can also, especially internal wall panels, improve the acoustics of a house.
  3. Low maintenance overall
    External wall claddings are low maintenance. Most of the utilitarian wall cladding requires a regular wash that’s it. It’s much better than renovating a damaged wall.
  4. An easy makeover
    Whenever the need changes or one wants a different look and feel for their home, they can just replace the wall cladding with a different material or design. It gives the entire building a quick makeover.
  5. There’s always an option and a recommendation
    Right now there are many options to choose from. It’s great that consumers have so many options to choose from. But it can also be dauntingly confusing to choose the right brand that offers the right material and design at the right cost.

However, it’s not that difficult as long as you’re aware of what you want. And in case you are swamped with work and cannot take out the time for reflection then there are always industry experts that you can rely on. One industry expert is BB Floors India. They are one of the leading providers when it comes to quality, cost and service. Check out their extraordinary and unique designs that come in different materials, and expect a reasonable quote for an armour around your home.