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Learn How To Customize Custom Foundation Boxes!

Learn How To Customize Custom Foundation Boxes!

So, you’ve decided to use custom foundation boxes. Great decision! Now what? Do you know which customizations will help you create outstanding custom foundation boxes?

The cosmetic industry probably requires the most visually appealing packaging because of its nature. That’s why brands choose to use custom foundation boxes. However, simply opting for custom foundation boxes isn’t enough. 

You need to understand which customizations are available and how you can use them to your advantage. This article will discuss some of the ways that you can customize your product foundation boxes. 

Add-Ons For Custom Foundation Boxes

You can think of add-ons as small tweaks to your product foundation boxes. These ‘tweaks’ can help your packaging become more functional, visually appealing, and unique. 

Some of the add-ons that are generally used for customizing foundation boxes wholesale are given below:

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Hot Stamping
  • Spot UV
  • Window Patching


This add-on helps you impart a raised silhouette onto your custom foundation boxes. You can choose your logo to be embossed or any other text. 


This is the opposite of embossing and leaves a depressed imprint on your bulk foundation packaging. Embossing and debossing are great when it comes to imparting depth to your custom foundation boxes and if you want your customers’ attention to specific parts on your packaging. 

Hot Stamping

Also known as foiling, this add-on uses heat and pressure to add a foil to your custom foundation boxes. There are different foils that you can choose from. As a result of this add-on, your packaging ends up with a metallic foil and an additional protective layer. 

Spot UV

You can choose to get specific areas of your custom foundation boxes treated with UV when you opt for spot UV. The treated area becomes moisture resistant, gets the colors sealed in, and ends up with a sheen. 

Window Patching

Do you want your potential customers to be able to take a peek inside your product foundation boxes without having to open the packaging? Sounds like a great way to allow customers to interact with your packaging, right? That’s because it is. Die-cutting is used in tandem with PVC sheets to create a window on your packaging boxes, and the sheet helps to keep the dust-out. 

Combinations Of Add-Ons

Add-ons can be used individually, or you can create any kind of combination using them. As a result, you can create virtually limitless unique packaging boxes for your foundation products. We recommend that you discuss with your packaging partner and try out different combinations to get a feel and then choose from them based on feedback that you obtain from focus groups. 

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Finishing Coats For Custom Foundation Boxes

Apart from add-ons, you can also use finishing coats to improve the aesthetic appeal of your custom foundation boxes. The finishing coats also help impart a protective layer to your bulk foundation packaging. Some of the renowned finishing coats are as follows:

  • Matte Finish
  • Gloss Finish
  • Soft-Touch Finish
  • Varnish Finish

Matte Finish

If you’re looking for a muted and premium look, then you should use a matte finish. 

Gloss Finish

A good choice for cosmetic products since it reflects light and can easily garner attention. 

Soft-Touch Finish

Do you want your product foundation boxes to feel premium? If yes, then you should consider using a soft-touch finish. 

Varnish Finish

With this finish, your custom foundation boxes will be able to withstand wear and tear without having to give up their aesthetic appeal. 

We strongly recommend that you consult with your packaging partner to come up with a combination of add-ons and finishing coats that suit your needs the best. 

Getting The Artwork Right For Your Custom Foundation Boxes

Many brands tend to ignore the artwork aspect of their bulk foundation packaging. However, it is an important aspect and should be given due consideration. With that in mind, check out the following tips that can help you create artwork that’s enticing and alluring for your custom foundation boxes:

1. Use Brand Colors & Logo

It is important to incorporate your brand colors and logo into your artwork. Why? Because that allows your bulk foundation packaging to become a marketing tool for your brand. Furthermore, this enables potential customers to link your brand to your products. 

2. Simple Is Efficient

You will be tempted to provide more information and add more to your custom foundation boxes. However, remember the golden words; less is more. The more crowded you make the artwork, the more difficult it becomes for your potential customers to be enthralled by it. Rather, it becomes upsetting and discourages them. 

3. Legible Typography

Keeping in line with the previous tip, always go for a simple font that’s easily readable as opposed to a fancy font that potential customers might have trouble understanding. 

4. Bleeding

Your artwork should be allowed to bleed. That helps you ensure that no empty white space is left on your custom foundation boxes. 

5. Go For High-Quality Images

If you are going to be using images for your custom foundation boxes, then you should always opt for high-definition images to ensure that the end result looks spectacular. 

Summing It All Up

There are many benefits of investing in custom foundation boxes, and if you keep the factors discussed above, you’ll be able to craft enticing and amazing custom foundation boxes without fail. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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