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How to Improve Eyesight naturally at Home

How to Improve Eyesight naturally at Home

Have you ever tried the right diet and the right exercises for your eyes? 

Read on, if you want to find out some simple (but effective) things you can do every day for a CLEARER and BETTER view…

Although you have clarified so far how much they have finally helped you and how much (not) they have improved your vision, eyeglasses and contact lenses…

 Feed your eyes properly

Eye foods you may have heard a thousand times, it is important to eat right! Eating a healthy diet, which contains enough fruits and vegetables, but especially the nutrients in it will seriously help you improve your eyesight and prevent it from deteriorating. 

It is also important to consume the vitamins you need to maintain eye health. Vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, C, E - all are important for the health of your eyes.

Antioxidants (found especially in carrots) are an important source of nutrients for healthy eyes. If you think you are not getting enough vitamins from food, switch to food supplements.

In the book Vision Without Glasses - 2nd edition are listed other vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy eyes, but also a lot of foods in which they are found. If you take the right vitamins, it does not mean that you will completely correct your vision, but they are an important part of the whole process of improving vision naturally. 

Rest your eyes properly

In maintaining eye health one of the many benefits is getting enough sleep and taking breaks during the workday. While you should not sleep at work, it is still crucial to rest your eyes from time to time! If you work at the computer all day, your eyes are probably very tense, tense and therefore tired. 

Do yourself and your eyes a favor, taking a break of 10 every 50 minutes spent in front of the monitor. Simply relax your eyes, closing them for 1 minute or get up and walk around the desk a bit. Look at something that is not the screen.

You can still rest your eyes using the usual 10-3-10. This means that once every 10 minutes of work, you should look at 3 meters away, for 10 seconds.

If at the moment, you are not resting properly or you are not taking enough breaks at work, test this for a week and see what a difference it can make!

How to Improve Eyesight naturally at Home

Practice regular eye exercises

One of the fastest ways to improve your eyesight naturally is to practice daily eye exercises. Eye exercises are done to strengthen the eye muscles, which in turn help to focus the image on the retina, to see clearly!

It would be good to have an eye exercise routine and a PERSONALIZED program depending on the vision problem you have and its degree. More details on this aspect, immediately below… 

First, give them warmth by rubbing their palms, then placing them over them. Keep your eyes covered with your palms (after rubbing them hard between them) for 5 to 10 seconds and then repeat the process. Do this before practicing any kind of eye exercises, in order to prepare your eyes for them

eye exercises1. Without forcing your eyes (stop when you feel like you are in pain), look up as much as you can. Then down. Repeat this 10 times. Then, look at each side (left-right) as much as you can, also 10 times.

2. After that, look in each direction diagonally. Finally, rotate your eyes counterclockwise, 10 times, then clockwise as many times. Rotating the eyes is one of the easiest eye exercises!

eye exercises3. Now take a pen in your hand and stretch your arm looking at it. Make sure the pen is at eye level. Focus your gaze on the tip of the pen as you bring it closer and closer to your eyes. Stop when you reach with a pen about 15 cm from them. Keep looking at the tip of the pen as you slowly (again) extend your arm with it in your hand. Don\'t forget to keep it at eye level and stay focused on its tip. Repeat this process 10 times. 

eye exercises massage your eyes after exercise. First, massage your temples with your fingertips. Massage them a few times clockwise and then counterclockwise. Massage the eyebrows and the areas above the eyebrows, but also the areas under the eyes.   

 When you are done with the massage and exercises, warm your eyes again with your palms, after rubbing them together. If your eyes are really tired, close them and rest them for a few moments. Frequent eye rest, as described above, is very important for the health of your eyes!

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