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How do search engines work?

How do search engines work?

Do Keywords hinder the performance of my website?

Answer: Yes (completely).

Before I answer this question, I'd be interested in answering a second important question How does Google decide what it will display when we type something into Google?

Not just Google, however, but all search engines function similarly. They look through your content for words or word associations which are identical or very like the words mentioned by the results.

What is the way that search engines function?

Let's look at it in a more concrete manner. If an individual using Google's Bing search engine types the following words into its search results:

How do you make paella

To answer this possible query, this system will scan your file for the exact word association, or any other associations that could help the person in addressing their needs.

So, this platform will always search for the most effective SEO españa for this search.

Excellent. Understanding how search engines function and how they function, we can go back to the first question we asked Are keywords affecting how my site?

The answer is obvious It is yes. Totally.

Understanding the product or service on that we deal We can determine "how the potential customer will search for our services or products on Google or other search engines".

In this manner, we can define what keywords are: They are the terms or words in a group that are used to search by people using search engines.

Now, having a better understanding of the way that engines "reason" (algorithms) in order to give that information to their users It is up to us to put the Keywords on our Website Pages to let the search engines can make this connection and show our website as a solution that could satisfy the needs of the customer.

The Headers

The English Header phrase can be the most important factor in ensuring the highest effectiveness of the Keywords.

When we write about a specific subject, generally speaking, the heading of the text will be the main attention we wish to impart to our writing. This is the way that the algorithm of the search engines chooses the Keywords and Keywords.

The Headings (H to mean Header) are separated by their significance to the content.

H1 is the most significant

H2 > second most significant

H3 >

H4 >

H5 >

H6 is the least important.


In short, Hacer Paginas web look at the keywords of our web pages by looking at their Headers. They connect them to what is being searched by our customers.

Actually, the subject is more complicated than the one we have presented in this article, however, we decided to present it in order to impart knowledge, to make sure that everyone understands the importance of this subject.

Imagine your website hasn't been designed to ensure that your H's are the most effective for the things your potential customers might be seeking... Your site will not be visible to the people you want to reach. This is similar to having a gorgeous business card hidden in an unorganized drawer. It's not going to provide you with the business.

This modification of Keywords is among the primary tasks for the Digital Marketing specialist responsible for carrying out the task referred to as SEO (Search Optimization), also known as Engine Optimization) Optimization for the search engines.

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