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How Different Types of Tyres Vary From One Another?

How Different Types of Tyres Vary From One Another?

Tyres come in a variety of types and models. Whether you just want to deal with the season change comfortably or boost your vehicle's performance by a long shot, a set of tyres is out there. In general, one model varies from another based on two parameters – rubber composition and tread design. Depending on where and how you use your Michelin Tyres Newcastle Upon Tyne, these will be adjusted. In this article, we will explore all the different types of tyres found in the market.

Summer Tyres:

In the summer season, the effective grip is the primary priority. So, you need to fit tyres which can provide it. Summer tyres are made using a special soft rubber material, which can adhere to the ground easily. That accounts for the excellent handling provided by this type of tyre. They are ideal for both wet and dry streets as long as the temperature is above seven degrees Celsius. Summer tyres are also known for providing superior driving comfort as they produce low noise. In addition, they have a high fuel economy and long durability due to their low rolling friction.

Aside from the rubber compound, the tread pattern also influences the performance of summer tyres. Unlike winter tyres, these have fewer channels and no sipes on the tread. That is because deep grooves in the snow tyres are crucial for water expulsion. But for summer tyres, increasing the contact patch becomes necessary to ensure optimum grip. 

But it is these features that make summer tyres unsuitable for the frosty weather. The rubber hardens, and the tread pattern lacks the ability to cut through the snow, ice and sludge. 

Winter Tyres:

When the temperature is low, winter tyres become necessary. Be it snow, ice, rain, or mud – they can tackle all types of road conditions. Made from material rich in natural rubber, winter tyres do not lose their flexibility in frigid weather. So, the braking distances remain short, accounting for safe rides. 

In terms of construction, the tread consists of deep grooves and thick blocks, which provide the necessary traction on the snow-filled roads. A large number of sipes also helps eliminate as much water as possible, reducing the risk of aquaplaning. 

We know summer tyres are unsuitable for the cold season. The same is the case for winter tyres in hot weather. The material will become way too malleable in the heat, resulting in low fuel efficiency and increased noise. 

All-Season Tyres:

Summer and winter tyres are the ideal choice for places where harsh climate prevails. But if the weather is relatively mild, switching between two sets of tyres can be pretty stressful. In such cases, it is best to opt for all-season tyres. That is because they are a hybrid of summer and winter tyres. By using them, you save quite a bit of money. You also avoid the tyre maintenance and storage hassles that come with the seasonal models. 

Run Flat And 4x4 Tyres:

In the above section, we classified tyres on the basis of climate suitability. That is how most vehicle owners like to choose the perfect set for them. However, it is still vital to understand the role of two more types of tyres. These include run-flat tyres and 4x4 tyres. The former utilises the run-flat technology (RFT), allowing punctured tyres to continue running. The speed is, of course, restricted, and so is the distance up to 80 miles.

So, they let you drive your vehicle to a safe spot or repair centre without getting stranded. 4x4 tyres, on the other hand, are constructed for off-road conditions. Their wide-set treads provide a significant amount of traction on rough terrains, preventing them from getting blocked.

Final Words:

Now you know all the information about the different types of tyres available in the market. We have done half the work for you. Your task is to pick a set of Cheap Tyres Newcastle Upon Tyne among these that suit your needs the best.

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