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Wash Your Hands Frequently with Hand Wash


It’s not as introductory as it looks – Washing your infected hands is a careful process that must be done right and frequently. Let's just think about it. When was the last time you considered how should you wash your hands? Well, you have been doing it all your life – exactly have you been doing it accurately? Did you know that?


At the times of novel corona virus pandemic, you will wonder, ‘How could you wash your hands incorrectly?’

Did you know that to wash your hands completely, you would need to take around 40 seconds to a minute, or approximately the time to sing one line of any song twice, to get them properly cleaned? You might not want to sing it out loud, but it's a beneficial reminder for you to take the moment you need to wash your hands. If you think it's easy to do it then it’s not as easy as soaking your hands, touching hand wash.


Using good Household Cleaning Products can significantly reduce the spread of harmful bacteria and other germs that can lead to harmful diseases like diarrhea, vomiting, and other harmful infections. Given below are the following 8 steps to perfect your handwashing technique.

  • Use branded Household Cleaning Products.
  • Wet your hands and apply Namaah Antibacterial Hand Wash.
  • Rub it on your hands and between your fingers and thumbs.
  • Make sure to spread it on the back of your hands too.
  • Don’t forget the back of your fingers and thumbs.
  • Cherish to clean your fingernails as well.
  • Finish off by soaping your wrists before cleaning the handwash off.
  • Clean with running water.
  • Dry with a fresh towel or tissue paper.


With so much going on in the healthcare and home care industry and today's challenging world, it’s easy to take care of your washing hands. So try to make it a habit of yours that becomes an everyday habit. Give yourself a sticky note, carry on your hand, or else set a reminder on your receiver to clean your hands using the branded hand wash that is Namaah Antibacterial Hand Wash and follow steps outlined in the same.


On the go protection with instant hand sanitizers

Of course, you can’t regularly get soap or water to wash your hands while going out for work, market, or any other reason. And this is where you need to have the best instant hand sanitizers like Germonil instant hand sanitizer and Germoshield multipurpose disinfectant liquid which kills 99.9% of germs, viruses, and other illness-causing bacteria. You can apply one drop of any disinfectants on your hands and rub it over both hands until the sanitizer has completely disappeared.


Make sure to use these top branded hand sanitizers and hygienic products especially before eating, after sitting, and if you’ve been too busy in places like shops, parks, and public transport areas. If you think your hands are still dirty, you should still wash your hands with paper soap if they are visibly dirty. Please note that the use of instant hand sanitizers by children should be done under adult supervision.

Teaching your children to maintain hygiene in home and surroundings is very important that doesn’t always have to be a painful task. Make sure to teach them how to make washing, cleaning, and hygiene fun when they are with their friends or family members to keep your children learning even when they're not at home.

Germonil instant hand sanitizer and Germoshield multipurpose disinfectant spray is known to be the best, tested, and 100% proven to be effective against COVID19.

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