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Should the makers of Balika Vadhu end the show?

Balika Vadhu was one of the very few soaps that touched our heart with its simple yet powerful stories. The makers touched the nuances of child marriage and its repercussions on a couple who doesn’t even know what marriage is all about. They touched sensitive topics like widow remarriage, women’s education, infanticide and more. We applaud the makers for keeping it going for so long without breaking off from their original plan. However, off late we think the stories are going far away from their core point. Now the makers are concentrating on Jagya’s (Shashank Vyas) dilemma with Sanchi (Roop Durgapal), Shiv (Siddharth Shukla) finding out that he is an adopted child, Ganga (Sargun Mehta) not being able to conceive and more. The show has covered almost every problem that exists and more. So much so that now they seem to be repeating their ideas. And somehow that doesn’t go too well with us. We believe that the makers should take a call and shut the shop. The norm usually is to make a show work till the TRPs are coming in, but we wouldn’t want the soap to end on a bad note, no? It’s best to end the story now and know that they did well, proved a point and never wavered from it. How many shows can really do that?



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