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Rajat Rawail eliminated from Bigg Boss 7


After struggling with his health throughout his two-week stay in the Bigg Boss house, Rajat Rawail became the second contestant to get eliminated from the seventh season of the show tonight. Rajat`s exit came as a relief not only to him but also his fellow contestants, who were worried about his wellbeing after he had a meltdown on the Colors show last week. "I am happy with my eviction as I was missing my daughter and wife. I am the only contestant in the house who has a kid. I entered the show with a mission to make everyone laugh and get a good physique but due to my bad health I was unable to give my best on the show," Rajat told PTI after his eviction. During the first week, Rajat, who played Salman Khan`s friend Tsumani in Bodyguard, had a decent stay in the house and took active participation in the household chores and performed all the tasks diligently. But, things started getting bad for him as he suffered health problems.




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