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Next-gen Surface tablets jack up components

Microsoft on Monday unveiled an update to its Surface tablets, both the full-Windows Surface Pro 2 and the stripped-down Surface 2. Surface tablets are Microsoft`s own take on the burgeoning niche -- one that is largely dominated by Apple`s iPad, but with a healthy dose of competition from devices using Google`s Android OS. Microsoft, not wanting to miss out on the tablet gravy train, opted to push Windows 8 and Windows RT through its own products. While Microsoft`s first attempt last year led to disappointing results, the company is trying again with improved internal specs. The Surface Pro 2 is a full laptop in a tablet design, said Panos Panay, the Microsoft vice president in charge of Surface, who noted that the graphics performance is 50 percent better and its battery life 20 percent longer than its predecessor. It includes a tweaked "dual-position kickstand" that allows users to tilt the screen at two different angles. The Surface 2 is the successor to the original Surface RT, which runs a stripped down version of Windows 8. The company said it is lighter, thinner, and faster.



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