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Microsoft discloses data requests from Indian government

India made 321 user data requests between January to June this year to software giant Microsoft (including Skype), which disclosed subscriber/transactional data for nearly 80% of those requests. For entire 2012 calendar year, Microsoft including Skype had received 471 user data requests from India. Microsoft`s second law enforcement request report details the number of requests for data it received from law enforcement agencies globally and how it responded to them. They also cover requests for data relating to all of Microsoft`s online and cloud services. The latest report reveals that India made 278 requests (excluding Skype) for user data affecting 413 accounts between January-June 2013. The firm revealed only subscriber/transactional data for 80.6% of these requests, while in 16.2% cases no data was found. It rejected 3.2% of the requests made by India. For Skype -- which allows users to make voice calls over the internet -- India made 43 user data requests affecting 102 accounts during the first six months of this calendar year. Microsoft said it provided only subscriber/transactional data for 79.1% of these requests. The company rejected 18.6% of the total requests made while no data was found for 2.3% of Skype-related requests.



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