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Mercedes Benz car sales race ahead of Audi in September

"The race for market leadership in the luxury car segment in India between German rivals Mercedes Benz and Audi, has shifted in favour of the former in the third quarter of the calendar year ending September. After inching ahead of Audi in July, Mercedes Benz India has strengthened its lead by re-claiming the pole position for the month of September, selling over 1,011 units. Led by the new-generation compact cars, A Class and B Class, Mercedes Benz India has also reclaimed the number 1 position for the September quarter, selling 279 units more than Audi. Mercedes Benz India sold 2,696 units in the quarter against Audi`s 2,417 units. Mercedes Benz had overtaken its Munich-based luxury car rival, BMW, in the first quarter of 2013 to regain the number two position. However, with sales of 7,391 units, Audi is still at the number one position for the nine months to September. Mercedes Benz India, with 6,461 units, trails by a significant 730 units."



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