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Mary Kom gave Priyanka Chopra boxing tips

The Olympic bronze medalist opens up about the time she spent with the Exotic singer In a previous article, we had mentioned that Priyanka Chopra was taking away a lot of practice time from Mary Kom. At a recent session of The Pugilist At Rest, the Olympic bronze medalist cleared the air when she confessed that she had never imagined that someday, someone would make a movie on her and a superstar would agree to portray her character. She also said that Priyanka Chopra did not take any of her precious practice time and on the contrary, Mary Kom herself agreed to help her and gave her tips on boxing. Now that was a sweet gesture from the pugilist to have cleared the air. We wish Priyanka portrays her character with much zest and aplomb. Haina BollywoodLifers?



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