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iPhone 6 likely to have bigger screen: Analyst


Weeks after Apple’s latest iPhone5S and 5C starting selling like hot cakes, analysts have predicted that the tech giant’s yet-to-be-unveiled iPhone 6 will have a bigger screen and better design. As Apple is speculated to be testing large-screened iPhones, analyst at Jefferies LLC, Peter Misek said that the next iPhone, iPhone 6, will most likely have a new design and a 4.8” display. According to the Huffington Post, the recently released iPhone5S and low-cost counterpart 5C, both have 4-inch displays, while their predecessors have 3.5-inch screens. If Apple launches a larger screened phone, it will be at par with Moto X and HTC One, but it would still fall short than the Samsung Galaxy S4’s 5-inch display. Market research firm IDC states that nearly 40% of smartphones shipped worldwide in the first half of this year had screens larger than 4 inches IDC’s research manager Ramon Llamas said that there is certainly demand for larger screened phones and Apple just leaves that market to its competition.




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