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Grand Masti May Miss 100 Crore Club: Box Office

Even though Grand Masti was the first choice moviegoers even in its second weekend and managed to make a dent in the fortunes of the new release Phata Poster Nikhla Hero, the film did not show the massive jump that was expected on Satuday and Sunday. After surprising the trade with its Rs 65 Crore first week, the film was expected to dominate the box office in its second weekend tool. But the film only added an additional Rs 13 Crore in its second weekend. Going by the first-week momentum, Grand Masti was expected to have a bigger second weekend. But the sex comedy seems to have run out of some steam in major markets. This takes the movie’s 10-day-total to approximately Rs 79 Crore NETT, which is very impressive considering its cast and genre and the film is a Super Hit. Overseas the film has earned Rs 5 Crore so far But the dream of breaking into the 100-crore-club seems like a difficult one to achieve now. However this performance too has been more than a confidence booster for the producers, and talks are already on for a third part of the Masti series.



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