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Aamir Khan`s twin avatar in Dhoom 3!


The actor has a double role in Dhoom 3. What’s better than Aamir Khan? Two Aamir Khans, of course. The USP of Dhoom 3 is not just that Aamir is playing a baddie for the first time. The big scoop is that he has a double role in the film that releases this December, again something that he has never done before. A highly placed source reveals that Aamir’s character turning bad has something to do with a sick twin brother (the other role) for whose sake he goes to the dark side. A source says, “While everyone knows that Aamir will be seen in a completely negative avatar in D3, what most don’t know is that he will also be seen in a double role, which will blow away people’s minds. The twist in the tale (and Aamir’s double whammy act) comes towards the climax. It was the brainchild of Aditya Chopra to weave a double role into the script. It’s meant to be a surprise element — something that will shock and stun the audiences! Aamir, Adi and director Vijay Krishna Acharya sat for months to work out the look for both Aamir and his double.”




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