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Aamir Khan times two in Dhoom: 3


What`s better than a film with Aamir Khan? A film with two Aamir Khans, of course. Rumours are rife that it`s going to be a twin-twin situation in Dhoom: 3 as the third film in the franchise gets ready to hit the screens with Aamir in a double role. There`s no doubt about the fact that viewers are already going ballistic about Mr Perfectionist playing the bad guy in Dhoom: 3, and with news of Aamir portraying a good brother to himself, fans are definitely in for a treat. If rumours are anything to go by, the antagonist in Dhoom 3 has an ailing brother, which is the main reason why Aamir`s character will be breaking bad. According to a DNA report, a source says "While everyone knows that Aamir will be seen in a completely negative avatar in D3, what most don`t know is that he will also be seen in a double role, which will blow away people`s minds." Reports also claim that the double role idea belonged to Aditya Chopra who wanted to surprise the audience. Oops! That`s a definite spoiler! That apart, Dhoom: 3 is bound to be twice as nice now.




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