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A scared Tina Dutta shoots for yet another fire sequence in Colors` Uttaran

Fiery and feisty Tina Dutta will again face flames for an upcoming sequence in Colors’ Uttaran (Film Farm India). Remember? The actress shot for a fire sequence earlier in the show during the Diwali track where both Mukta (Sreejita De) and Meethi (Tina) got stuck in fire and were later rescued by their better halves. But this time around there will be no one around to rescue the pretty actress. In fact, Tina appeared to be extremely scared before the scene was shot. Which scene are we talking about? As per a reliable source, Tina was to shoot for a sequence where Ambika (Vividha Kerti) asks Meethi to make food for her father. Thus a handicapped Meethi enters the kitchen to cook, unaware of Ambika’s game plan. However, just before she begins cooking she gets a call and while, she answers this blank call, Ambika spills kerosene in the kitchen. And when Meethi gets back and lights a match stick, the entire room catches fire. Since, Tina had to move out of the fire on wheelchair, she was a bit skeptical about the scene as she shared, “It’s easier when you’re on your feet but then I had to shoot for the entire sequence on the wheelchair. And rotating a wheelchair is not that easy. And in spite of me being extremely nervous I managed to shoot for the scene in one take.”



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