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Tips for Choosing Right Salwar Suit for Different Occasions

There might be no woman in India who doesn’t have a pair of salwar suits in her closet. In fact, in India, this ethnic outfit is a staple that women love to wear at various events. This ethnic wear has a long and rich history. It originated when India was ruled by the Mughal dynasty and at that time, it comprised of tunic and loose pants. During that time, the most prevalent style was the Anarkali suit.
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Arsh is inspired by the rich and diverse culture of India. The goal of my life is to showcase my fashion skills add styles to Indian women's clothing wardrobe by designer Indian Dresses. Whether daily wear clothes or dressing up for occasions, I’ll try to offer timeless pieces, curated to perfection with the systematic collaboration right from sourcing the fabrics responsibly, to designing them with love, infusing comfort and ‘wearability’ to ensure that they aren’t simply in your closets but are being worn over & over again!


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