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Real Life Case Studies of Super Affiliate Marketing Success

One of the best ways to learn affiliate marketing is to follow those who have been extremely successful doing it. But rather than purchasing their products—which is also a good idea—you can look at what they actually do. Below, I’ve included some brief case studies on two big name super affiliates. If you read these case studies and follow their actions closely, you should be able to pick up several tricks you can use the next time you decide to sell affiliate products. Andrew Fox If you’re not familiar with Andrew Fox – he’s someone to look out for and to follow closely. He will soon be one of the biggest names in Internet marketing. At the age of only 21 – and with only a high school education -- he was asked to speak at the Internet Super Conference in 2002. He was by far the youngest speaker to have ever accepted the honor. And yet, even at his age and even without an advanced degree, he was able to excel in his field. This should be a clear lesson to anyone who doubts his own qualifications: there’s nothing that says you have to be an expert in some field to be a successful affiliate marketer


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