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11 Curtain Designs for a Modern Home

 Most of our time is spent inside, in classes, working, and doing household chores. Taking a breath of fresh air becomes harder, even though it is important to refresh ourselves. Windows, thus, become a necessity- especially in a modern home. But windows can be an all too revealing opening into our lives. Not just that- the modern home deals with time very differently. We sleep way after the sun sets and wake up hours after it rises. Curtains protect us from the sunlight, keeps them from disturbing our precocious schedules. They help with the decor and lets fresh air in without causing any hindrance to our privacy.
Arshpreet  Kaur

Arshpreet Kaur

Indian Interior Designer

At Wooden Street, we don't create space. We create a dream that unfolds with mastery and modern brilliance.


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