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Tyvek Wristbands: Wristbands Improve Swimming Safety and Save Lives

Tyvek Wristbands: Wristbands Improve Swimming Safety and Save Lives

Wristbands don’t just add a splash of colour to the wrist, they generally fulfil an important function that includes but is not limited to; security and information.

When it comes to school activities and sports activities in general, a wristband could save a life by virtue of the information it could contain regarding the individual wearing it. For example, whether the user is prone to epileptic fits, suffers from high blood pressure or is a diabetic, suffers from vertigo, or food allergies and so forth. This information is vital especially when a person is swimming.

While swimming, if an incident happens due to any of the above medical reasons, the information printed on the Ibiza Wristbands will play a vital role in identifying the cause of the incident and therefore pointing out the measures required to redress the issue. In the past, the humble wristband has saved countless lives by providing first responders with vital information.

An incident that happened early in Jan 2022 at a local school highlights the value of an informative wristband. A small girl was being bullied and despite her loud protests, was being pushed to the edge of the highest dive board of the swimming pool by her classmates. A teacher who entered the area intervened and noticed that the girl was wearing a wristband. The wristband had “Vertigo sufferer” printed on it. The timely intervention of the teacher probably saved the girl’s life or at a very minimum a very traumatic experience.

Similarly, scores of people suffer from various food allergies. They consume the food and might not realise that it contains an ingredient that might be harmful to them. An informative wristband will play a vital role in helping treat such people when they consume food they are allergic to.

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Imagine, a person consumes food he or she is allergic to, jumps into the swimming pool and suffers a reaction to the consumed food while still in the pool. Without the wristband, the incident would cause much confusion and no one would realise the true reason for the medical emergency.

Staff at amusement parks are trained to eyeball the Tyvek Wristbands of anyone wearing one. If they feel (based on the wristband worn), that a certain activity might endanger the person’s life, they intervene and prevent the person from participating in that activity. The same applies to staff on cruise liners, ferries, trains and buses.

Finally, the best place to buy custom printed wristbands is an easy-to-use website called wristbandseurope.com Users can choose the colour of the wristband they require from 19 different options and then add text as applicable. They can even add the names and contact details of emergency contacts such as parents or guardians.



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