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WiFi Advertising Showing Discounts, Special Offers or upcoming Events

WiFi Advertising Showing Discounts, Special Offers or upcoming Events

WiFi Advertising Showing Discounts, Special Offers, or upcoming Events

Sharing free Wi-Fi but not sure how to monetize it? Show guests discounts, special offers, or upcoming events. Customers who are already with you will not miss a free offer, and you will increase sales and increase your average check.

How do ADS work on Wi-Fi networks?

Advertising appears on the login page during Wi-Fi Connection, which adapts to the screen of the device (smartphone, laptop, etc.). To attract attention, you can use not only static images and banners but also videos, coupons, etc. You can configure the display of one or another advertisement at certain periods of time.

After viewing, which usually lasts a few seconds, the user is given access to the Internet.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Advertising

Full coverage of the target audience. An ad banner or video takes up the entire screen and cannot be closed for a few seconds. The opportunity to go online is provided only after the user views the message. If a potential client is interested in an advertisement, he can immediately go to a site with detailed information.

Choice of display location. The broadcast of Wi-Fi ads is tied to an access point, so you can always tell exactly where the user will be when he sees it. This allows you to offer products and services located nearby, which are more likely to interest the customer.

User-friendliness. It doesn’t take long to watch Wi-Fi ads. Information appears even before connecting to the Internet, so it does not distract a person from visiting the desired sites. This increases user loyalty and creates a more positive attitude towards the offer.

Simple control of ad impressions. The customer could monitor the number of views, analyze the percentage of clicks and keep records of other important parameters.

Y5 Media Offers:

If you want to make free Wi-Fi for clients an effective advertising channel, activate the Managed Hotspot service. With it, you will be able to show the necessary information to everyone who wants to use the access point. For advertising, a personal page is provided, where you can leave coupons and special promotions for customers, conduct surveys, talk about important company events, etc. This will not only allow you to promote goods and services but also get real feedback and communicate with the target audience directly.

Another convenient feature is statistics collection. This is not only about counting the number of views, but also about other tools, such as researching customer flow to develop more effective promotion strategies.

Classic ADS vs WiFi ADS

Classic ads that you just need to look at are a thing of the past. It is being replaced by Wi-Fi advertising, which encourages you to interact with it and get positive emotions. Due to gamification, such advertising can become not just a communication tool, but also a contribution to the entertainment or educational experience of a person.

In addition to interactive advertising on the Internet and applications, interactive communication can be effectively used in Wi-Fi advertising. Imagine, while connecting to a free Wi-Fi network in an institution or store, a person does not just get acquainted with advertising content, but directly interacts with it. Feeling their practical contribution to the process, the client will be more actively involved in advertising communications.

We can simply show the user an information banner about the discount, or it is more effective to lure him using a game format: motivate him to interact with the smartphone’s touch screen to get a discount. The interactive form of this case worked great when customers more often used a discount promotional code in comparison with other types of advertising communications.

Judging by the experience of Nike, Adidas, Netflix, H&M, IKEA, and a number of other global companies, interactive advertising is a format that will not only tell about a product or service but also cause positive emotions in the client and thus,





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