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Which is the best Indian International School in Abu Dhabi?

Which is the best Indian International School in Abu Dhabi?

When you think of Indian international schools in Abu Dhabi, the first name that comes to mind is the Global Indian International School (GIIS). You may wonder why we are making such a lofty statement. Rest assured, there are several good reasons for that, as we will elucidate further. For starters, the school has built its reputation as the best name on the block in a relatively short time. The school offers your kids a global curriculum that has been designed by a faculty that is second to none. Finally, the school's facilities compare favourably with all the leading schools in the world.

The school has won awards in various countries 

So, you can jolly well trust GIIS as the top secondary school in Abu Dhabi. The school started its journey back in 2002, and ever since, it has committed itself firmly to offering only the best education to its students. It uses the best practices from academic circles around the world. This is the reason why to date, more than 200 awards have been conferred on it. These accolades have come from some of the top international entities in the domain of education. The school has been awarded for its exceptional curriculum delivery, best management processes, and efficient operations.

This is an international school of the future

So, if you are looking for the best Indian school in Abu Dhabi, this one's for you. GIIS believes that students learn the best when they are happy. In this case, they enjoy all that is being taught to them. This is why the school management has designed the campus facilities so that the students can improve both their extracurricular and academic capabilities. Students at GIIS have all the latest facilities at their beck and call, such as the following:

  • auditorium
  • science lab
  • library 
  • computer lab
  • music studio
  • play area
  • dance studio
  • football ground
  • IT (information technology) lab

The curriculum is recognized all around the world 

As has been said already, the quality of the curriculum on offer at GIIS is the best that you - the parents - could ask for. This is also a significant factor that makes the school such a highly sought-after member of its fraternity in the region. The school covers the entire spectrum of pre-college education, starting from kindergarten going up to Grade 12. At the Montessori level, it follows the Global Montessori Plus curriculum. For the next level, it adheres to the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) curriculum. The school focuses on imparting the most appropriate values and skills for learners of that age at every level.

The school has an exceptional performance record 

This is a further sign of how well GIIS has been doing its core work – educating its students. In 2019 13.6% of its students scored 90% and more in the 10th standard examinations of CBSE. In 2020 7.5% of the students scored such high marks. In 2019 the school average for CBSE 10th standard examinations was 76%. In 2020 this particular figure stood at 74%.  


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