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When Is the Right Time to Get Your Tyres Replaced?

When Is the Right Time to Get Your Tyres Replaced?

Your safety and your family's security is only possible if you take good care of your car. A well-maintained car offers you a smooth and comfortable ride. It is observed that your tyres are the most ignored part of your vehicle when it comes to maintenance and servicing. 

But, knowing what all your Bridgestone Tyre Watford provide, you should give them proper service and treatment, so they can provide you with a comfortable and creamy ride. After all, your safety significantly depends on them. If you treat them right, they'll treat you right. You often notice that car or bike lovers keep their vehicles clean and scratch-free, they are so concerned about the look and appearance of their vehicle, they cannot tolerate a bit of damage to it, still what they leave behind are the tyres, the tyres left unattended. Tyres left, ignored and unattended can be a matter of serious concern.

It is vital to know everything about your vehicle. Get your vehicle analyzed periodically to check for tyre damage or other damages. Tyre damage can include a flat tyre, a puncture, a deflated tyre, sidewall damage, damaged valve caps, shallow and uneven tread on your tyres. If you notice any of these signs in your tyres, then you must take your vehicle to a reputed service centre to get your tyres replaced immediately. 

Another important thing to notice is that you should pay extra attention to the aura of your vehicle while you drive. However, if you feel any instability while driving, or you feel rough, then you should take your vehicle directly to the service centre. Don't be your own master, let the professionals at the service centre diagnose the issue and let you know if your tyres need replacement. Then, they will suggest to you the best tyres for your vehicle and will also tell you how to maintain them.


A tyre generally needs to be replaced every 5 to 6 years, even if the tyre tread looks fine. Replacement is done for the safety and protection of the vehicle. Even if the tyre tread looks fine, you must get it checked regularly to avoid inconvenience in the future. Also, regular servicing of your tyres will tell you if they require replacement or not. But, if you notice your tyre tread worn out, then simply go and get it changed without any second thoughts. When you go for a service, a good mechanic will tell you if there are any signs of tread wear. 

Also, if you accidentally met with an accident, your tyres must be hurt, even if a bit, so it might be a good idea to get them replaced. Besides, you'll need to change your tyres often, if you drive in particularly harsh and rough road conditions. This can comprise driving on uneven roads, running into potholes, wet roads and running into sharp objects such as pins, nails, glass or mirrors etc.

Depending on how you drive or your driving style, your tyres may get excessively worn out. There are a few aspects on which it depends; how promptly you drive, on what road conditions you drive i.e. rough/uneven or smooth surface, emergency braking, immediate starting of the car, harsh cornering, not providing your vehicle with regular service, and neglecting services when you notice any noises and vibrations while moving, using your vehicle inappropriately also causes harm like using the wheel and rim size which do not match each other, infecting a poorly deflated tyre over and over again, using summer tyres in winters and vice-versa, ignoring the damage in the sidewall of your tyres.


Your tyres have an important element called 'tread'. The tread is your tyres' proficiency to maintain a strong grip and traction on wet pavements. If the tread is in a good condition and shape, it will be able to run, accelerate and stop easily even on uneven and rough surfaces. If you think, tyre wear can be neglected completely, well, it cannot. You can only slow or control the process, it's impossible to ignore it completely. With the daily movement of your tyres, your tyres are subjected to wear and tear. 

This wear and tear grow excessively if you do not care to maintain it. Your tyres will no longer be able to maintain the grip and your vehicle will lose control and handling power. You should visit a trained mechanic. If you notice any signs of tyre wear, they will let you know if your tyres need replacement or not. Hence, rather than being a hero at this thing, you should go to a professional mechanic and get your Car Tyres Watford changed.