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WhatsApp Tracking App

WhatsApp Tracking App

With this application, you can track calls, track each and every call received or made in the WhatsApp app for Android. Track every call you receive or make on the WhatsApp app with a rooted Android and a jailbroken iPhone. You will see all the call logs in the AddSpy control panel.

You can remotely track all sent, received, and even deleted messages from your AddSpy control panel. Timestamps are also available, as well as the names of the recipients.

You can track WhatsApp text messages without hacking solutions. In addition, you can track all the photos, videos, and images that are exchanged through WhatsApp Messenger. pay attention. WhatsApp Tracking App media monitoring is available on Android devices.

How AddSpy WhatsApp Tracker App Works?

First, you must purchase AddSpy, depending on your needs, choose a subscription package. Then fill out the order form with your details. After confirming payment, you will receive an email with further installation instructions.

Now the second step is installation and configuration, so follow the instructions sent to your email. The Whatsapp tracker app installation method will take some moments. If you have questions or need help, our free support team is available 24/7.

The final step is once you complete the installation method then you can monitor your media, messages, and WhatsApp call logs from the AddSpy control panel. 

Find Out What They’re Saying on WhatsApp

You know they are talking. But do you have any idea what they are saying and to who's that person? If they are using WhatsApp, then you can find out with a WhatsApp tracker app which name is AddSp. So with this app, you can find out the truth of their conversation. Everything he said, when he said, who were they talking to? Even the photos and videos he shared. If it's on WhatsApp, it's on your WhatsApp tracker.

New to WhatsApp Spying Tool? They are simply wonderful. Simply install it on the device you want to monitor. Then log in to your dashboard and view their posts. That's all you can scroll through, and it's a welcome part of any parental control arsenal.

People like you are relying on the ability to spy on WhatsApp to keep your loved ones safe. You never know what you might get if you have access to their conversations. Since you are new to spying on WhatsApp techniques, we will tell you everything. In no time, you will feel like a professional WhatsApp spy and wonder how you lived without the app.

They will have no idea you are using a WhatsApp tracker app

We will receive it. You don't want them to know that you are seeing their WhatsApp chats. That's why you have nothing to worry about when you spy WhatsApp messages with an app like AddSpy. By installing this parental control app on their mobile device, you can hide the AddSpy app icon on their device so that they don't know that you are using the WhatsApp spy app.

AddSpy Is the Most Useful WhatsApp Tracker App That You Can Get

If you are looking for a WhatsApp tracker app, then good news for you because AddSpy is the best monitoring app for you. This app does not show only chats, but also what chats your kids did and who's a person? And this monitoring app shows everything like multimedia files, calls, etc. You can do everything with this app. This is because AddSpy also adds software that allows you to view their text as well as the discussions taking place outside of AddSpy.

See The Pics And Videos on Their Device

Many people think that WhatsApp is secure. And, for the most part, thanks to encryption, it's possible. This is why users feel comfortable sending photos and videos to their contacts, even if they are inappropriate.

If you're concerned that they may send something confidential, such as photos and videos containing adult content, you can find out with the WhatsApp tracking tool. Simply log in to your dashboard, go to the WhatsApp section, and instantly view all their messages with photos and videos they've sent and received.

See Their WhatsApp chats on Android Phone

With a WhatsApp tracker app which name is AddSpy, you can track their WhatsApp chats anywhere and anytime, depending on your mobile phone type, OS, and subscription package, and whether this is rooted or jailbroken, some functionalities can not be completely available. This is why it is important to familiarize yourself with the system requirements before committing.

How To Use a WhatsApp Tracker App In 3 Easy Methods?

  1. Buy WhatsApp Spy App Subscription. AddSpy is by far the best, but before buying anything, always check the requirements first.
  2. Check your inbox for the welcome package. This provides complete setup instructions to help you get started. This includes steps to install AddSpy on the mobile phone you want to monitor so that you can utilize the WhatsApp tracker app, as well as for guidance for logging into your AddSpy Control Panel.
  3. After everything is synced the first time, everything will be fine. Simply log in to your dashboard and view their WhatsApp activity. It's really that easy to spy on WhatsApp.

What does the law say about using the WhatsApp Tracker app?

Are you worried about utilizing the WhatsApp tracker app legally? As with any surveillance app, you should regularly check your local laws before downloading and utilizing the app. But in various jurisdictions, the law states that you can utilize a monitoring app without telling the monitoring person if they are your own kid and under the age of 18.

Plus, if you have explicit consent to do so and they know you are tracking them, you can use the app to monitor employees or anyone else. Again, laws are constantly changing, so treat everything you read with a grain of salt. Always follow the rules and laws.