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What Number Of Tawaf Do We Have Within Umrah?

What Number Of Tawaf Do We Have Within Umrah?

Every Muslim would like to have a thorough knowledge of Tawaf during Umrah. A lot of us know five different types of Tawaf, but do we know what is obligatory and which is not? The next time you do Umrah in September 2022, you will need to perform the one Tawaf.

Types Of Tawaf

Different kinds of Tawaf are done at Masjid al-Haram.


Tawaf-al Hajj or Tawaf al-Ziyarah



Nafal Tawaf

Number Of Tawaf In Umrah:

It's not a lot, but Tawaf al-Umrah is the only Tawaf that is mandatory in Umrah. If you don't do it according to the prescribed method then your Umrah isn't complete. This is a complete instruction on Tawaf-al-Umrah, and how you can perform it in the course of Umrah.

Conditions Of Tawaf-al-Umrah

Before beginning Tawaf, make sure to check whether you meet the requirements of Tawaf. If not, then what do you do?

  • He or she must have covered his/her body according to the guidelines of Islam.
  • The pilgrim should be in the ecstasy of Ihram.
  • Tawaf must be initiated on the right side facing counterclockwise and Hateem is part of Tawaf.
  • The pilgrim must complete Tawaf.
  • Don't need any assistance for Tawaf, as long as you can do it by yourself.

How Do You Perform Tawaf-al-Umrah?

Intentions that are separate to perform Tawaf Sa'i and other rituals are beneficial. However, you can perform a single intent of Umrah as you enter the Masjid-al-Haram. You aren't required to pay any fee for not making a niyyah (intention) to Tawaf.

Pilgrims must approach Hajr-e-Aswad when they enter the Holy Kaaba. The pilgrim should be in an upright position facing the black stone before you begin your Tawaf. Begin your Tawaf when you kiss the stone in black.

If you're not able to complete the task due to crowded hands, you can try touching with your left hand, and later kiss. If you are unable to do all of this it is possible to point your right-hand palms toward the black stone while standing. Once you've done that, you can begin your Tawaf in the counterclockwise direction, using the HajreAswad as a starting point.

Males, it is instructed to walk quickly (but not run) for the first three rounds. Then, he is instructed to gradually slow the pace in the subsequent rounds. However, women can do the same thing at a walking speed. It is also not recommended for women to be near men who are not known in the time of tawaf.

It is recommended to begin your tawaf by repeating "Bismillah'hi Allahu Akbar". In all seven of the circles around the Kaaba, you can say The Holy Quran, any dua that you remember, or ask Allah to forgive you for your mistakes. There is no specific dua suggested for each round.

After you've completed your seven circles around the Kaaba in the manner described, the tawaf will be complete. Offer two rakats salah during Maqam-e-Ibrahim. You can also perform this prayer in any mosque in case you can't locate a suitable spot in Maqam-e-Ibrahim.

Also, it is the most important holy sunnah that our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) repeats Surah al Kafirun within the initial unit of prayer following Surah Fatiha in the second unit and Surah al Ikhlas in the second section.

This is why, when you plan the Umrah packages in London, be aware that you will only need one tawaf which is a requirement for your Umrah.