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What do the Different Backgrounds of Number Plates Signify?

What do the Different Backgrounds of Number Plates Signify?

Have you ever noticed car number plates while traveling on the road? There are different formats and backgrounds used in the design of number plates. The different colors used for the background of number plates identify the purpose of the vehicle. You can easily determine the type and purpose of a car from the car's number plate. Whether you are looking at a car with private car registrations or a standard registered number, the color of the number plate can tell you about the car.

It’s no surprise then that the number plate is called the identity of the car. When you get a number plate for your car, be sure to pay attention to the background color of the plate for this reason. To help you better understand the different background colors and the meaning behind them, here are some common background colors for number plates.

  • White Background

White is a common color used in car number plates. A white background with black lettering is used to signify private car registrations. You can easily identify a privately owned car by recognizing the use of this color. Cars with a white background on the number plates are always personally owned vehicles. Most domestic vehicles owned by an individual or a family come with number plates that have a white background. Furthermore, vehicles with white number plates cannot be used for commercial purposes.

  • Yellow Background

Generally, number plates with a yellow background do not carry private car registrations. Yellow background number plates are used by commercial vehicles that are engaged in the transportation of passengers or as part of logistics management. Buses and other public transport vehicles carry passengers on a daily basis and it is these vehicles that predominantly display number plates with a yellow background. These number plates only have black lettering in order to signify the vehicle's purpose. Commercial vehicles including trucks, buses, and mini-vans fall into this category. It is normal for these vehicles to be registered under the name of a company or a business. You will also notice that public service vehicles, including taxis, display yellow-colored number plates.

  • Black background

A black background looks cooler than other vehicle number plates, as I am sure most people would agree. However, not every vehicle can have a black background number plate. A black background car number plate usually has yellow lettering on it. These combinations identify the use of vehicles for rental. Even though the vehicle is used for commercial purposes, these vehicles fall under the category of self-driven rented vehicles. The users of these cars do not need a commercial permit to drive it on the road and a normal driver’s license will suffice in combination with the appropriate insurance.

  • Green background

Vehicle number plates with a green background were extremely rare until now. The reason for these plates being rare in the past is because the background color is reserved only for electric vehicles. Until recent times, electric vehicles have not been in extensive use. However, over time, people are beginning to use electric vehicles in increasing numbers. Due to increasing environmental concerns electric cars and electric forms of transportation will dominate the world's roads in the future. As people turn to sustainable fuels, and move away from the use of fossil fuels, they will turn to electric vehicles. So it is likely that you will see increasing numbers of vehicles with green number plates and white digits on the roads in future. Many people have already started using electric cars. A green number plate is used to demonstrate, to others, the sustainability and eco-friendly nature of the car.

  • Red Background

Some vehicles display a red background on their number plates. Such vehicles, including some cars, are undergoing testing when they have these number plates on display. These vehicles are usually marked as a prototype and they are not yet available for public or private use. A red number plate identifies the vehicle as a test version and ensures that other road users know this. Often vehicle manufacturers allow test versions of vehicles on public roads during road tests. Red number plates cannot display private car registrations as they remain under the ownership of an automobile company.

  • Blue Background

Another background color used for number plates is the color blue. It is normal for car number plates with a blue background to have white lettering. These formats are used for cars that work under a foreign delegation. Foreign delegates like diplomats and ministers travel in vehicles with these blue number plates on display. The registration numbers in combination with unique identifiers determine the country of origin for the delegates.

From the above information, it can be seen why number plates are so important for cars. Number plates tell us about the purpose, identity, and ownership of the car. Even though you may pass a car without paying it much attention, you can always record the number of the car. It is with the number of the car that you can determine specific details of the car, including its ownership, and its country or state of origin.


Identifying a car's number plate color is increasingly important due to the high number of cars on the road. Similar cars are out on the road doing different things. Assigning different numbers and different number plate color schemes to different purpose vehicles is a smart move. The process of using color codes enables the classification of cars in support of traffic management and for the purpose of improving the tracking of vehicles.

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