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What Do I Need to Pay Attention to When Selecting the Bidet?

What Do I Need to Pay Attention to When Selecting the Bidet?

1. When we select the toilet bidet, its color should be consistent with the overall color of the washbasin and the bathroom. In addition, the distance must be measured when installation and the error should not exceed 1 cm, otherwise, it could not be installed.

2. Pay special attention to the purchase of the water tank which is without the glazing and contact points, if the glaze can only explain three problems as following: First, low-temperature ceramic bargains; Second, ceramics have a high water absorption rate; Third, cover the ugliness and cover the cracks.

3. Glaze selection is very important, so we must know how to wipe. Give everyone a trick, whether you know it is good or bad. Use a key or a ballpoint pen to glaze, then use a cloth to see if you can wipe it off. If it is a good glaze, it could be wiped off with toothpaste or washing powder.

4. In terms of flushing, the current bidet on the market can be divided into two types: siphon type and open type (ie, direct type), but currently, it is mainly siphon type.

5. The standard pit distance is convenient to install. The pit distance refers to the distance from the center of the drain to the wall behind the tank. The error cannot exceed 1 cm, otherwise, the toilet bidet cannot be installed. The pit distance of the lower drainage method refers to the distance between the center point of the groundwater hole and the unrenovated wall surface. After the drainage method, it is necessary to measure the ground distance (It refers to the distance from the center point of the drainage hole to the ground.).

Professional tips: Professional installer could install a toilet bidet, and a general purchase store can be responsible for installation. Do not move vigorously within 24 hours after installing the toilet bidet. When installing, do not go to the toilet bidet before the cavity or other empty fill the cavity with cement mortar to avoid swelling the bidet due to cement condensation.

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Jeawin Huang

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