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What Are the Types of Performance Tyres You Get In the Market?

What Are the Types of Performance Tyres You Get In the Market?

They come in various varieties so that you can choose them according to their usage. Apart from this, many tyres are tailor-made to perform on certain kinds of roads. One such category of Bridgestone Tyres Worthing that we are going to talk about here is the performance tyres. As the name suggests, they are a powerhouse of performance and they give you comfort and speed with ease on the roads. 

The best part about these tyres is that they let you handle your speeding vehicle well. It’s surprising to know that tyres can be this important for any vehicle. Performance tyres are meant to give you a heightened driving experience on the roads. If you’re someone looking for speed on the roads and yet want the vehicle to be in control, then these tyres are meant for you. These tyres work the best on dry roads and let you take your vehicle to its full potential. There are various varieties of performance tyres in the market and in this blog, we are going to discuss them. 

Drag Radial Performance Tyres

With these tyres, you get a performance of 60 miles per hour. They are meant to deliver acceleration in a straight line and use the tread aptly so that they remain firm on the ground. Such radials have a directional tread pattern. Even though the roads are dry and the pavement is hard, these tyres stay stable on the roads. The compound of these tyres is made with soft rubber. As a result, it remains sticky on the ground and provides supreme grip on the roads. The braking distance also gets reduced. In a nutshell, you can say that drag radials are meant to take your car forward like a rocket. 

Some Cons of Using Drag Radials

The biggest issue with these tyres is that they aren’t effective as when it comes to water displacement. That means, they are bound to disappoint you. Even when it comes to day to day driving, these radial tyres. The rubber compound also gets heated up fast as they are pressurized into giving maximum traction. Drag radials also have a shorter life expectancy. This means that you’ll have to replace them more than usual if you’re into the habit of driving sports cars on an everyday basis. To counter these effects, there’s another category of performance tyres that you can use with confidence. 

Summer Performance Tyres

These tyres are also crafted on almost the same lines as drag radials. They also have a nominal tyre tread and they too are made with soft rubber compound so that they can offer the best grip on the roads. The only difference here is that unlike drag radials they let you take sharp turns and keep the vehicle stable even when the speed is high. 

However, just like drag radials, they are also not very good when it comes to counter aquaplaning. You can mainly find these tyres on sports cars. This drawback brings us to the third category of tyres called ultra-high performance tyres. 

Ultra-High Performance Tyres

These tyres aren’t just for sports cars, but they can found fitted to many more sedans now. You can use them on an everyday basis. They also get worn out quicker than usual, but this speed is still slower than the other two categories of tyres mentioned above. 

Which Tyres Are Better for You?

Ultimately, a lot depends on the personal driving style of an individual. Performance Car Tyres Worthing can be retained for a longer time if you take care of them appropriately. A lot depends on the vehicle also you are using. Hence, the next time you are deciding upon using performance tyres, choose them wisely. That’ll help you get the maximum benefit out of them. 



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