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What are Sublimation Lanyards and Why are they so Popular

What are Sublimation Lanyards and Why are they so Popular

Lanyards are a commonly visible product worn by staff members at workplaces all over the globe. A lanyard is simply a cord or strap with a hook fastener to hold identification tags, mobile phones, and the like. More commonly, it is part of a workplace uniform, used to hold and display employee ID cards. There are different types of lanyards available these days, but sublimated lanyards are the most popular with many organizations making them a mandatory part of their employee uniforms.

Lanyards can be personalized to the customer’s requirement by a process known as dye sublimation. It involves the color printing of the lanyard strap where the ink is sublimated, meaning it is vaporized before being placed onto the lanyard material. In the dye sublimation process, the lanyard material remains intact but is now colored with ink. It can be thought of as ironing the design into the material – where the result is a soft smooth surface.

But why are dye sublimation lanyards so much in demand? They are very popular for the simple reason that they look professional. The sublimation process of printing the lanyards creates a superior quality print that looks neat and eye-catching. The process prints logos and artwork in very fine detail. Also, brand images can be perfectly replicated to exactly match the organization’s original color schemes.

The most important reason why personalized sublimated lanyards are popular is that they are the cheapest and most versatile of all other materials. You can have a whole spectrum of color with gradients and special effects on the background and all this will show up in extreme print clarity. With sublimated lanyards, the printing can be single-sided or double-sided as required and there is no extra cost.

Other types of lanyard material do not print the finer details clearly and for some companies, this is very important. For example, woven lanyards are limited in terms of what can be printed and they are only suitable for simple text and one or two colours.

When it comes to worker-related accessories, comfort is a big part of the equation. Sublimated lanyards are comfortable to wear due to their soft and smooth texture. Sublimated lanyards are water-proof and not easily damaged. They can be used indoors as well as outdoors for months at a time.

As such they are the first choice of organizations looking to use them for their employees or even for guests visiting the premises. Business houses, corporate schools, and educational institutions use custom-printed sublimated lanyards to issue to their staff, employees, and students. They are also used at trade shows, conferences, and other corporate events where the participants need to display their identities at all times.

Custom printed sublimation lanyards are a great promotional product as they are highly visible and constantly display the brand and create brand awareness.  

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