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Ways to earn on domains, to buy one cheaper and to monitor it properly


A domain name is a must for a website, allowing users not to directly enter an IP address in the address bar, but to use an easily remembered and recognizable website name. But you can't buy it in the common meaning — just rent it. At the same time, you will have to pay for it monthly so that the website continues to “exist" on the network. However, direct purchase of a domain from a provider is not always the best option for acquiring a domain name. There are many ways to save on this and even earn money.

Buying an expired domain

Today there is a large market where owners sell domains that have expired. Such a domain is, in fact, a domain that no longer works, but still receives traffic and visits. That is, you can literally buy domains in certain domain zones that have expired and use their traffic as a target audience to increase sales.

The idea of buying an expired domain is positive in that you can drive already-ready traffic to your new website and increase your firm's sales with it. The only problem is that you will definitely get a large audience of visits, but you know nothing about its quality. That is, you literally don't know if they will really be interested in your products or services.

Buying and reselling domains or cybersquatting

Buying and reselling domains or cybersquatting

The essence of cybersquatting is the purchase of domain names very similar to the names of popular organizations for subsequent sale and broadcasting on websites with these domains for all kinds of advertising. Usually, for these purposes, they resort to not the most honest methods. And sometimes even literally take the domain from the previous owner when his lease term ends. But you don't have to resort to this method.

With this method of earning, buyers themselves are looking for sellers, unlike the usual scheme for everyone, when everything happens the other way around. All you need to do is register your domain and post your ad with ads on it. Or you can, using a search engine, look for buyers yourself. And, accordingly, offering them to buy a domain is a very common tactic.

How to control your own website’s domain

Considering what was said earlier that the domain name needs to be renewed independently, it is necessary to monitor its validity on the website side. Moreover, this will not only help your website to continue to exist on the network. It will definitely not allow cybersquatters to steal your domain. Accordingly, you will need round-the-clock monitoring of the website. This will avoid not only domain expiration, but also many other problems.

How to control your own website’s domain

Unfortunately, monitoring a website manually is a very time-consuming task. Especially if you do not have a simple landing page, but an online store, for example. In such cases, even if you are an experienced webmaster, it is best to resort to the help of specialized automated services for monitoring websites, such as HostTracker.

This will not only allow you to always be aware of the status of the website, server, domain, or SSL certificate. It also will significantly free up your or your webmaster's work schedule. HostTracker service is easy to set up and it will instantly notify you about everything that’s happening with your website. Moreover, it will keep notifying you about the expiring domain until you update it.




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