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video editing laptop under 700

video editing laptop under 700

What type of computer should I buy to 

be a professional videographer?

Do you need a laptop for video editing? If so, this blog post will help you decide which one to buy. You'll learn about the best laptops for video editing software and what kind of specs are good for your needs. I also have some helpful tips on how to choose the right laptop! Read on if you want information that will make deciding easier.

Does video editing take up too much memory on laptop connections (USB ports)?

There are a few video editing systems that work with USB connections, but the most efficient video editing system works off of hard drive connections. The video editing laptop will have these options built-in, so it can also be used for video conferencing with multiple people at the same time. This is great for when you live in an area where there are no video editors available for hire or when you need to make edits on the fly without having to wait days.

Are video editing laptops expensive?

Yes, they can be pricey. Luckily, many companies offer refurbished video editing laptops at low prices that still do all of the functions needed to edit your videos just right! A lot of companies that sell video editing laptops even offer video editing software included, or at a discounted price. These video editing systems can be used to edit video content and then send it off to video websites like YouTube for immediate publishing.

What's the best laptop for making videos?

As video editing becomes more and more standard for Windows users, video editors of all abilities are asking this question.

If you want to find the best laptop for video editing, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. A great video editing computer needs to have a fast processor with a high clock speed, a good video card, and enough RAM to handle large video files. It also should be portable enough that it can go wherever your videos may take you.

The first thing most people think of when they imagine video editing is the Adobe Creative Suite from Adobe Systems Incorporated. The program has an excellent reputation as video editing software and has been used by professionals since its introduction in 2003. comes at a price though—$20 a month after the first year. This video editing software package is used by professional video editors and is considered the best video editing software available.


How long is the battery life on a laptop for video editing?

The video editing laptop should have good battery life. You can consider buying video editing laptops with different capacities and varying video-editing software programs installed to determine the video editing laptop that will suit you best. With most video editors, video editing laptop batteries need to last longer than 2 hours of run-time per charge since most video editing is done in front of a computer without stopping playback or rendering.

If you're doing color correction, you'll want the longest amount of time possible; otherwise, if your video requires little touchups and more average tasks like small cuts and title creation, there's no reason why two hours won't suffice. Generally speaking, though, we recommend at least an hour and a half; anything lower than that, video editing becomes impractical.

Does Core i5 suffice for video editing?

I've been considering video editing for etv and internet video streams. The video I'll upload will be in 1080i format. I want to do the video editing using a video editing laptop (not a desktop). I need it to run Windows XP, core 2 duo (or 3), 4GB ram and 120GB SSD, and at least two video card slots (preferably Nvidia) but I'm open to suggestions. What kind of video card should I get? Just for video editing or something that can also play games smoothly too.

An older laptop with such specs isn't possible. You'd be better off getting a new laptop with specifications like a Core i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA GPU with 1GB video memory, and a 500 GB hard drive.

How much does this video editing computer cost?

It costs $679 at Amazon.

Do I need a video camera if I buy this video editing computer?

If you want to edit videos from your cell phone or tablet, then no you do not need a video camera. If you would like to make a video from scratch using footage from various video cameras, then yes you will need a video camera.


The HP ZBook Studio G4 is a great laptop for video editing. It has all the features you need and it’s very affordable compared to other laptops with similar specs. If you want a professional-level video editing experience without breaking the bank, this might be your best option!