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Vastu Recommendations for East-Facing Homes

Vastu Recommendations for East-Facing Homes

East Direction Measurement Properly: Before purchasing a new apartment or cottage, ensure that the house faces east. Use a magnetic compass to determine the exact east direction.
All Balconies & Open Spaces in House Design Must Face East Direction: For best benefits, all balconies & open spaces in house design must face east. Because the east direction emits tremendous energy and charm, your home will have adequate ventilation as well as good energy.

The kitchen should be strategically placed in the southeast direction: The kitchen is an essential part of the home. The kitchen should be positioned in the southeast order; however, it can also be placed in the northwest direction. It is recommended that you never locate your kitchen in the north or northwest direction.

If you have an east-facing house, the dining room must be in continuity with the kitchen in the east, south, or west direction. Seating must be arranged to cover the east, north, and west sides.

Vastu Tips for Water Tanks: It is recommended that water tanks never be put in the middle. Place the water tank to the north or northeast. The east and northeast directions are also viable options for an underground water tank.

The Living Room Should Be Oriented North-East: To attract serenity and prosperity in one's personal life, the living room should be oriented north-east. Also, make sure that the walls to the north and east are more significant than the walls to the south and west.

Even though east-facing homes have various advantages, some Vastu suggestions must be followed to improve the elegance and cheerfulness of the property.
One of the most significant aspects of our life is the construction of a home. The Vastu guidelines for east-facing residences can improve the beauty and tranquillity of your home. You may hire famous designers to plan your home according to Vastu shastra for peace, harmony, and pleasure. Also, make sure you select the proper month to relocate in order to have a good start in your new house.




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