Using the Razer Ripsaw HD, how can I fix the PS4's black screen (no signal)? - Pdf Slider

Using the Razer Ripsaw HD, how can I fix the PS4's black screen (no signal)?

Using the Razer Ripsaw HD, how can I fix the PS4's black screen (no signal)?

One of the greatest capture cards for streaming and recording PS4 action right now is the Razer Ripsaw HD, however many gamers who use it report black screens or poor signal while connected to the PS4. There is a simple remedy available if you run across this issue while attempting to set up your Razer Ripsaw HD.

Why does using the Razer Ripsaw HD not cause a signal problem or a dark screen?

If you're using an external capture card for the first time, such as the Razer Ripsaw HD, you might be perplexed as to why your TV or monitor isn't picking up your PS4. Don't worry, though. Neither your capture card nor your devices have any issues. This is not a problem either; rather, a PS4's little-known HDCP licensing system is at work here.

What is HDCP?

High-bandwidth An anti-piracy standard called Digital Content Protection, or HDCP, is used in several electronic devices, including your PS4, to prevent content from being taken or duplicated without authorization. It's a type of DRM, or digital rights management, that makes sure a certain piece of information can only be seen on a specific type of device.

Specific to the HDMI cable standard is HDCP. When enabled, HDCP can successfully prevent content from streaming via HDMI to an unauthorized or non-HDCP-compliant device.

Unless the receiving device, such as the Razer Ripsaw HD capture card, is HDCP compliant, you won't be able to send your games or content through HDMI because HDCP is enabled by default on your PS4. You must disable HDCP on your PS4 in order to circumvent this restriction so a capture card can pass HDMI signals and send them to your TV or monitor.


How to fix PS4 black screen when using Using Razer Ripsaw HD

It's simple to disable HDCP on the PS4. Simply navigate to the Settings menu and select the option to turn it off.

Make sure to first unplug your Razer Ripsaw HD card and then connect your PS4 just to the TV or monitor in order to access the Settings menu on your PS4.


Learn how to disable HDCP on your PS4 by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the Home screen.

    It's where you can find your games and other menus.
  2. Open Settings.

    It's the icon that looks like a toolbox.
  3. Select System.

    It's where you can find all the settings for your PS4.
  4. Uncheck the box for Enable HDCP.

    You just have to press the X on your controller after highlighting the option.


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What should I do if the Razer Ripsaw HD still has a dark screen or no signal?

If the black screen problem persists, your Razer Ripsaw HD can be broken. You can also experience a problem with your HDMI cable (make sure to use the HDMI cable that came with the box). Find the closest Razer Repair Service Center in the USA. A competent, knowledgeable crew is on hand to thoroughly analyze your device and address any technical issues with your Razer gadgets.


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