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Trusted Method to Migrate from OLM to MBOX

Trusted Method to Migrate from OLM to MBOX

Every user of Outlook for Mac is aware that an OLM file is utilized to archive and export data. However, few people are aware that OLM files are also used by Mac Outlook to store data. The program generates OLM files using OLM files. Consequently, OLM files are utilized when exporting data to another email client or computer. An MBOX file is another well-known file format; it contains multiple files in a single file.


MBOX files, unlike OLM files, are compatible with multiple email clients, including Thunderbird, Mac Mail, IncrediMail, etc. The MBOX file is superior to OLM because the entire folder can be saved in a single file, making it simpler to export. In addition, cross-platform compatibility allows users to export their data to both Windows systems. Users combine OLM files into a single MBOX file for this reason.

Migrate Multiple OLM Files into an MBOX File

There are two methods available for converting files. The first technique involves dragging and dropping the OLM files into the Finder app. Finder is an application with a graphical user interface that serves as the default file manager. In this step, we import our OLM files into the program and convert your files to MBOX format. It is a manual process to merge multiple OLM files into a single MBOX file. Therefore, there is a possibility that your file will not convert to an MBOX format. Therefore, a second method is available: software that converts OLM files in masse to MBOX format. It is an effective method for migrating multiple OLM files into an MBOX file, as it provides multiple features. Therefore, there are two ways to combine OLM files into a single MBOX file:

  • Manual method: drag and place OLM files using the Finder program.
  • Professional method: use software to convert OLM to MBOX file format

Export OLM Files from Outlook for Mac

Prior to conversion, we must first export the Mac Outlook data to OLM files. Follow the below instructions to export Mac Outlook data to OLM files.

  1. Launch Mac Outlook and select the Tools option from the main menu.
  2. After selecting the Export option, the Export to Archive File (.olm) screen appears.
  3. Select the items you wish to export and then click Continue.
  4. Click the Save icon and then save the files to the desired location.

Follow these steps to transfer your data into OLM files, after which we will combine the OLM files into a single MBOX file.

Method for Manually Migrating Multiple OLM Files into an MBOX File

On every Macintosh computer, the Finder application is preinstalled. This application is equivalent to the Windows file navigator. Here, you can view all of the apps, files, photographs, and other information stored on your computer. Therefore, this can also be used to combine OLM and MBOX files.

  1. Launch the Mac Outlook application on your computer.
  2. Conduct a search within the Mailbox or Folder you wish to convert.
  3. The mailbox is dragged and dropped into the Finder.
  4. After the file is dropped, a new MBOX file will be created.

With these methods, you can combine multiple OLM files into a single MBOX file and also open the MBOX file in a different email client.

Inadequacies of the Manual Method

The method to combine OLM files into a single MBOX file is free, but it occasionally fails. Consequently, there may be numerous issues.

  • The first disadvantage of this method is that emails cannot be converted; only mailboxes and folders can be converted.
  • The MBOX file will be created in the same location as your email accounts and folders.
  • It is not applicable to all versions of Outlook for Mac.
  • Furthermore, your file is vulnerable to malware and virus attacks.

Therefore, the manual technique for Migrating multiple OLM files into an MBOX file is not optimal and causes numerous issues. Therefore, the professional method is an effective approach to converting files.

Expert Method for Migrate OLM Files into One MBOX File

The software utilized in this approach is available for free download on Windows operating systems. OLM to MBOX Converter Tool easily converts multiple OLM files to MBOX format with attachments. It also offers numerous methods. This application supports all MBOX file-compatible email clients, including Thunderbird, Spice Bird, Live Mail, Opera Mail, Sea Monkey, Mozilla Mail, Entourage, Poco Mail, etc.

Functionality of Software

  • The software can not only merge OLM files into a single MBOX file, but it can also convert OLM files into EML, PST, PDF, MBOX, HTML, etc.
  • A preview of your file is generated prior to the conversion process.
  • Following the addition of a file, the software scans and stores a copy of the scanned file.
  • The software preserves folder structure throughout the operation.
  • You can name exported files by selecting the Naming Convention option.

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Convert OLM Files into a Single MBOX File Using the Software

  • Download and install the OLM to MBOX Converter for Windows Tool.
  • Select the OLM file & click the “Browse” button.

  • Display the Preview of the OLM file you wish to convert and select the items to transform.

  • Open the export option and select MBOX as the export type.
  • Mark/Unmark the Ignore Empty Folders option.
  • Select the Destination Path and then click the “Browse” button.
  • The final step is to select the “Convert Now” button.

On Windows, you can also combine OLM files into a single MBOX file. Use Softaken OLM to PST Converter Software for this purpose. It converts OLM files to MBOX files on Windows and is identical to the software described previously.


This article describes two methods for Migrating multiple OLM files into an MBOX file. Here, you can use the Windows Finder application to drag and drop your files into an MBOX file. The procedure is simple, but it has numerous limitations. Therefore, software is a viable option for Migrating OLM files into a single MBOX file. This instrument is recommended by all experts, and its user-friendly interface enables users to work efficiently.

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