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Top Method- Export Recover OST files to Outlook PST Format

Top Method- Export Recover OST files to Outlook PST Format


Anyone who uses Outlook has probably felt the urge to export their inbox to a PST file format. Numerous blogs have been read to find the answer, but none of them were successful. The finest response can be found right here. We begin by explaining what OST and PST files are. Both of these are Outlook data files that come with MS Outlook.

Offline storage tables, or OST files, are used for offline mailbox access. Let's say you need to read an old email, but you don't have access to the internet. You can access your emails even when there is no internet connection thanks to OST files, so you don't need to worry.

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So why is it necessary to convert from OST to PST?

OST files and PST files are not the same. They serve as a backup for your active mailbox. As a result, you can exchange your emails if necessary or restore your data in the event of fire damage.

You can be wondering now which one is superior. Let's discover the solution.

Which format is superior, PST or OST?

The comparison of the PST file with the OST file's superiority is not as straightforward as it would seem. The answer will vary according to the situation you are in. If you wish to share your Outlook emails, for example. Due to its suitability for sharing and backup, PST files are preferable. We'll go through a few scenarios when you could choose Outlook PST over OST files down below.

  • PST files are preferable to OST files for building a backup, according to experts. Even a single mailbox folder can be downloaded using it.
  • To share your data, any updates to offline data files (OST files) will be made automatically. Therefore, when you think about sharing your data, the PST file always has an advantage over the OST.
  • When Outlook isn't functioning properly, you can still access your mailbox using the PST files, even if there are several strong Internet connections available.

You can now be aware of when PST should be used and when OST files should not be used. It's time to become familiar with the various methods for converting Outlook OST to PST.

How to Online Convert an OST File to a PST File?

What follows is the blog's main part, "How to Recover OST files to Outlook PST manually"?

There are two ways to convert emails from Outlook to PST. Depending on your level of technical expertise, you can choose either one. The manual method is the first. If you decide to use this method, you should be well-versed with Outlook's functions. They are free to use even though they are complex. Therefore, it would be the best choice for you if you are careful about how you spend your money.

Let's look at two straightforward manual OST to PST conversion techniques.

1. Making use of Outlook's import/export functionality

  • On your computer, start Microsoft Outlook.
  • Press the File button.
  • The Import/Export option can be found by clicking the Open & Export tab.
  • Select the Export to a file option and then hit next in the Import and Export Wizard.
  • Select the Outlook data file (.pst) after that, and then click the Next button.
  • To export a mailbox folder, choose it and then click the Next button. You can also choose to include subfolders.
  • To specify where to save the Outlook PST file, click the Browse option. Finally, to start the export, click the Finish option.

Converting OST to PST Using the Auto Archive Feature

  • Click the File button in MS Outlook after opening it.
  • Select the Options tab. The Options window will be shown.
  • Select the Advanced tab now. The Auto Archive Settings button can be found in the Auto Archive section.
  • Select the Auto Archive frequency and further settings after that according to your needs. Click OK to save your changes.
  • It will enable the automatic, predetermined frequency backup of the Outlook mailbox into PST.

I hope you've decided whether or not the manual approach is beneficial for you. In such a case, we do have a different choice. For individuals who seek quick results and are technically inexperienced, there is an option to copy OST to PST.

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Best Reasons to use the OST to PST Conversion Tool above the Manual Method

When moving your mailbox data from one email client or server to another, you may need to use an OST file. The transfer procedure is simplified when OST files are converted to PST format. For instance, converting OST to PST enables you to smoothly move your mailbox data when moving from Outlook with Exchange to another email client that doesn't support OST files. By converting the OST file to the widely used PST format. The OST to PST Converter application streamlines the migration process.

  • Data recovery and accessibility: OST files, which are often utilized while operating in offline or cached mode, are offline versions of Exchange mailbox data. However, retrieving the data contained in OST files might be difficult if the Exchange server is unavailable or if you experience OST file corruption problems.

In these situations, you can recover and retrieve your mailbox data without an Exchange server connection by utilizing an OST to PST Converter to Recover OST files to Outlook PST. You can restore access to emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and other mailbox things that are kept in the OST file with its assistance.

  • Data backup and archiving: Making backups or archives of your mailbox data is another good reason to utilize an OST to PST converter tool. Due to their ability to hold emails, contacts, calendars, and other data in a single file, PST files are frequently used for backup purposes.

You can make a backup of your mailbox data and store it separately for security by converting OST to PST. This makes sure that you always have a backup of your crucial data in the form of a PST file, even if the original OST file becomes corrupted or is lost.

An Intelligent Method for Converting OST to Outlook PST for Secure OST to PST Conversion

With TrustVare OST to PST Converter, you can Recover OST files to Outlook PST without using Outlook. Because of its sophisticated features and user-friendly GUI, experts utilize and recommend it. For new users, it is perfect. As you can see from the above, not everyone can use the manual approach. The best option for them is therefore this. It makes it simple for you to convert your emails into a variety of file formats and email applications.

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Simple and Easy Steps to Operate OST to PST Converter

  • Download the OST to PST Converter Software on the Windows machine.

  • Now open the application and select the OST files that you need to export into PST format.
  • Preview your Outlook OST files before the conversion process.

  • Choose any particular location to save the new OST files.
  • Now click on the *pst format.

  • After the all steps now hit on the “Convert Now” button and start converting OST files to PST file format.


I believe this post has answered your question regarding converting OST to PST. Both manual and expert solutions were covered. Advanced users who are familiar with Outlook and its capabilities should choose option one. We advise using the professional tool, nevertheless, if you are a non-technical user. It will simplify and streamline the procedure.

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