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Top 8 Water Plants Around The World

Top 8 Water Plants Around The World

Pool water plants help to restore the natural ecosystem. You have hundreds or thousands of plants to pick from when it gets to building your pool ecosystem. Some of these water plants will be immersed in the pond's water, but some will be over the ground next to your water feature. Different types of water plants are available for your pond - swamp, marginal, immersed & floating. This article is a full-fledged guide to the eight exotic pond water plants.

Water Hyacinth

Scientifically named the Eichhornia Crassipes, the Water Hyacinth is just the burst of colour missing from your life. It is clear; it immediately stands out when placed with other flora & brightens any area. Besides its decorative attribute, this water plant also can absorb dangerous metals like mercury, cobalt, nickel, cadmium from the atmosphere, thus can work as a pretty-looking air cleaner at your house. It works as a perfect indoor plant online for your drawing room or lobby. 

Water Iris

Water iris is a fascinating and beautiful water plant. Its tall stems and beautiful flowers will add a sense of magic to your water feature and bring happiness to the warm season with its unique and bright blooms. They can grow up to 2 to 3 feet tall with charming purple or blue flowers. Iris are cold tolerant, so they are ideal for cold climates. They grow best in partial colour in full sun and start growing in early spring.


Also named the Nelumbo Nucifera, the Lotus plant is presumably the most popular ornamental plant known. There are several known species of the plant. It has many medical, decorative and even edible uses. This water plant is a significant part of Asian culture. It symbolizes purity, manifestation, creation and value, among other traits. It has a beautiful fragrance that can immediately upgrade the vibe of your house, making the ambience even livelier. Order plants online at your doorstep via same-day delivery.

Water Lettuce

One of the famous well-known aquatics pool plants (and pond plants in common) are Pistia stratiotes, called water lettuce. The pond landlords favour this free floater for its exquisite, lettuce-like growth patterns and simple care. It grows pretty fast in most environments, so be prepared to eliminate large amounts regularly! Its deep roots protect young fish and frogs & help kill filter nitrates from the water.

Water Stargrass

This perennial plant receives its name from its yellow flowers floating on water & falling off a lustrous appearance. It is alternatively named 'Grassleaf Mudplantain.'

This water plant has a thin, multi-branched stem from which large grass-like leaves raise alternatively. Its small yellow flowers are petite, narrow & consist of six short petals. The Water Stargrass falls off a very fragile appearance, thus making it an excellent option for your space.

Water Lilies

Water Lilies are charming creatures in water gardens, & often this is why several gardeners combine a pond to their landscape. These ornamental pond plants are identified by unique flowers representing all shades in the light colour Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo & Violet (including collective white) & various colours. Flowers vary from only two ″ in diameter to some flowers measuring 12 ″ or more. Their leaves ordinarily float unless they are packed and are more or less rounded, ranging from 2″ to 6 feet for the colossal Victoria. Water Lilies are perennials and can be classified into two main groups; Hardy and tropical.

Water Cabbage

This water plant is often identified as water lettuce, Nile cabbage, shellflower, Tropical Duckweed & much more. It has many medicinal uses, like decreasing cancer risk & even acts as a remedy for treating mushroom poisoning & eye salves.

It also has some enormous culinary uses like feeding it raw, steaming it, using it for pickles, making the popular Korean kimchi in slaws, & cooking vegetables.

Blue Iris

Many water gardeners experience the majestic splendour of the water iris, one of the first plants to grow in the spring. The water iris consists of such a widespread & distinct group - there are hundreds, if not thousands, of cultivated & natural hybrids. Blue flag iris can grow up to 4 feet high! A wetland lover, Blue Flag's big flowers are breathtaking, varying in shades from pale blue to purple.


Water plants have made gardening low-maintenance and straightforward. They are the most reliable way to make your surroundings aesthetically gratifying with the bare least effort. It gets even more helpful when some of them, as you read up, act as air purifiers & have some therapeutic properties as well. Buy these water plants online for your garden.



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