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Top 7 Reasons to Choose Plastic Wristbands

Top 7 Reasons to Choose Plastic Wristbands

Wristbands come in a variety of materials and the right product will often depend on the event it is to be used for. Event managers may choose from a wide variety of available materials like fabric, plastic, Tyvek, silicone, and even paper. Although each of these materials has its own advantage, plastic or vinyl wristbands are good choices for several reasons as mentioned below.

Vinyl or plastic wristbands are a preferred choice for festivals, concerts, and all manner of outdoor events. They are also used extensively in the hotel industry for long-stay guests. So, why are plastic or vinyl wristbands a popular choice? Several reasons come to mind, but here are seven good reasons why you should consider them:

  • Plastic wristbands are made from tough, durable material and can last for several weeks or even months without showing any sign of deterioration. Not only are they waterproof, but they are also tearproof and can withstand any kind of rough use.
  • Made from lightweight tri-laminate material that is water resistant, the wristbands are ideal for water parks, hotels, resorts, amusement parks, and events involving water. The print on plastic wristbands is also resistant to water – ensuring that any customized message remains on the wristband for as long as it is worn. 
  • Another good reason for using plastic wristbands is that they are durable and strong, making them an ideal option for multi-day events and long-term use. Adults and children can easily wear these wristbands as one size fits all.
  • Where security is an issue, plastic wristbands are a great choice. The self-locking clasp of a vinyl wristband cannot be tampered with, hence there is no possibility of transferring the band without damaging it. These wristbands prevent unauthorized persons from gate-crashing an event or entering a venue that they are not permitted to.
  • Plastic wristbands come in a number of vibrant colors. Organizers can customize and color code the bands to categorize different areas of the venue which in turn helps in better management of the event. Similarly, hotels often use different colored wristbands to clearly identify which board basis a guest has, for example, red for bed and breakfast and blue for all-inclusive.
  • High-resolution printing is possible on the face of plastic wristbands allowing the organizers to use it as an advertising medium to promote their brand. Text and logos can be printed in full color onto the surface of the band which is clearly visible when worn.
  • After the event or after being used, the wristbands can serve as unique mementos for the participants. For example, it is very common to see people wearing music festival wristbands long after the event has taken place.

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These are just some of the reasons to choose plastic or vinyl wristbands for your events. Wristbands offer great potential to increase your revenues. Custom printed plastic wristbands serve as a mini billboard for promoting your brand. Depending on the event it is used for, wristbands are an easy way to reach a large number of customers.

Customized and tabbed plastic wristbands are also available. These are generally used by hotels, resorts, bars, and nightclubs. The detachable tabs are generally used as food and drink tokens by the guests. Both the wristband itself and the tabs can be personalized.

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