The snowfall and dense pine forest are the identities of the Kedarkantha trek. Kedarkantha trek gives you a result of joyful mood and ever-memorable lovely memories by its hidden beauty. The ravishing beauty of snowfall, dense pine forest, Himalayas mountain ranges, and peaks, etc., are the pinpoint of the Kedarkantha trek. In addition to this attractive lush and greenery, and frozen ponds are the other beauty of the Kedarkantha trek. It suits adventurous trekkers and also for beginners. It takes a week to complete this trekking by its mesmerizing route.


Persons who would like to spend their holidays or to take a break from their regular days or to have relaxation with peace of mind can start their trekking to the Kedarkantha trek. Before starting they have to make sure of a few things. Because it's a long trek that takes six days and five nights to complete the destination of the Kedarkantha trek. They have to have a medical check-up if they are elders. They have to check their blood pressure and they should make sure if the trek will be possible for them. Age limit should be considered. Children from the age group of 10 can have their trek to Kedarkantha during the monsoon season. Because in monsoon the temperature will be moderate. Youngsters can plan during the winter season to experience an adventurous trek. Because during the winter season the whole Kedarkantha will be covered by snow. The trekking point of the Kedarkantha trek starts from:

Day 1: From Sankri - Dehradun - The arrival point. Transportation facilities are available like:

Airway - Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun

Railway - Dehradun railway station.

Roadway - Government buses.

Day 2: At Judaka Talab where you have to stay at night time.

Day 3: At Kedarkantha Base Camp where you have to stay at night time after passing through dense forest in Judaka Talab.

Day 4: At Kedarkantha Summit and Descend where you have to climb on peaks.

Day 5: At Hargaon where you will relax.

Day 6: Returning to Sankri  - Dehradun after completing the destination of the Kedarkantha trek.


Group of people or adventure trekkers or family members who would like to have a trip to Kedarkantha trek must definitely carry the essential requirements.

For taking rest or to relax and to stay at night time they need to learn how to build a tent. For that, the trekkers have to have knowledge about Tent etiquette. Whether male or female or children or elders they should carry some:

Cosmetic items like Sunscreen lotion, Moisturiser, lip balm

Toiletries items like Toothbrush and toothpaste, toilet paper and wipes, Hand sanitizer, Antibacterial powder, quick-dry towel.

Basic gear like Backpack and rain cover, daypack and rain cover, walking stick, head torch.

Intake items like Water Bottle / Hydration pack, snacks, personal medical kit.

Accessories like Sunglasses, sun cap, woolen gloves, woolen caps, woolen socks, trekking shoes, neck gaiters, waterproof gloves, gumboots.

Outfits like: Waterproof jackets, waterproof pants, thermal inners, T-shirts, tracksuits, poncho, fleece T-shirt and jacket, face mask.


 In Kedarkantha during the winter season, the temperature varies from 15-degree Celsius to 5-degree Celsius, so trekkers should carry some warm clothes while starting their trekking during the winter season. Should carry extra batteries for a head torch and for a flashlight. It is better to pack some dry foods and preserved foods. Try to avoid unwanted luggage or more than 10 kg of weight which makes your trek better and easier. The best advice for persons who have breathing problems, heart problems, high blood pressure, or any other major physical problems is best to avoid this trek. Well, avoiding trekking at night time is safe.


            One of the most thrilling and arduous treks in the Kedarkantha trek that gives an awe-inspiring experience during trekking. Each and every place in the Kedarkantha trek is the glory of nature. Though it is a weeklong trek, the trekkers should be very careful of their belongings and it must be necessary for them to carry the necessary requirements. The important point that the trekkers should keep in their mind is about perfect planning. Everyone should take care of their co - trekkers.

As the Kedarkantha trek is one of the famous trekking spots in India, the trekkers should swear that they should not spoil the natural beauty of the Kedarkantha. The trekkers should be careful while generating their waste. They should be aware of taking back their wastage if it generates than dropping it in their path. It makes the atmosphere of the Kedarkantha nasty and spoil the fresh breeze and the beauty of nature. So, every trekker is responsible not only for their enjoyment, they should take care of our blessed nature and must keep it clean as much as possible by them.

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