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The team has plenty of decision-making powers on this

The team has plenty of decision-making powers on this

Personally, I think there are always characters, amazing stories, as well as plenty of games, and lots of games that we could create in any of our IPs. I believe there's plenty of space and plenty of room to create that. But in the same way, you must be thinking about new things also.

They are both important. Fans want the continuation of StarCraft games. As a StarCraft fan, I too want more StarCraft games. Fans want to see more Diablo games. I'm a big fan and want more Diablo games. Fans want new IP, me too.

So, the things we contemplate as a matter of "What is the best IP to use and how do we be thinking about it?" The team has plenty of decision-making powers on this. However, we also need to be very aware of what games and IPs the teams are extremely happy about. What IP will work best for different types of games?

I think the fact that we have these IPs with these stories, these time periods, or stories about games that they have -- I think of it as an asset. I don't view that as a disadvantage. I believe that the ability and drive to create new are also important and we've proved that we're able to do that with Diablo and will prove this again in the coming years.

A first-person shooter based on StarCraft is now Blizzard's white whale. Recently, we heard of a game that was one of the first-person shooters set in the StarCraft universe getting canceled, and of course, StarCraft Ghost was also in the works. StarCraft Ghost. Are you sure that that is a concept you're still interested in?

You know, one thing I'd like to mention is that there's been some recent media coverage of games that aren't moving forward, but internally, it is known that 50% of the games we initiate actually begin to ship.

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