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The Modern Rules of Commercial Cleaning Services New York City.



Before 2020 brought the earth to a halt with the spread of COVID-19, retail businesses needed to keep their sales areas as clean as possible. Whether these stores are big or small, whether they have a concierge unit trained and prepared to tackle our mess during the busy day. According to analysts at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), when the pandemic took effect in February 2020, the retail sector suffered job losses of 29,300 people. This large number caused a significant drop in 252,900 unemployed people in August 2021.

With the coronavirus still roaming the globe, the retail industry has improved its practice for workers to wear surgical masks on the sales floor and disinfect all affected surfaces over the past year. However, due to the significant job loss, small retail businesses will not have enough employees to handle cleaning duties. What they wondered, "How can my business stay clean every day without interrupting my staff in the service center?" "

The solution? Hire commercial cleaning services in New York City to help sanitize their store.

Demand for commercial cleaning services New York City

In 2020, business owners were ordered to keep their stores sanitized as soon as possible. In an equivalent year, the BLS reported that janitors and building cleaners were in high demand and that up to 2.2 million jobs were occupied. These employees have become the key to slowing COVID-19 as they help clean businesses and city streets.

Now, with the event and the spread of the delta variant of COVID-19, the BLS expects a 10% increase in commercial cleaning services in New York City by 2026. If you want your business to stay clean and in good health, this is the only time to hire an ad cleaning service.

Cleaning Before and After Hours

Having a commercial cleaning service in New York City that cleans the sales area before and after hours can help your staff become more productive when it comes to customer service. You and your employees only disinfect the surfaces most affected, such as the checkouts and therefore the changing rooms.

This is because cleaning on a smaller scale helps your team get on top of things in your business. Compared to cleaning larger areas with the utmost care, these areas often overload your employees due to the amount of floor space and a large portion of the surfaces that take more time, distracting your team away from your customers. . Your commercial cleaning services in New York will provide you with the necessary service to keep these areas sanitized on a daily basis.

Better cleaning equipment means a cleaner, happier environment

For some retail businesses, they will be less equipped to handle more advanced damage. With commercial cleaning services in New York City, their cleaning equipment is like a mop, broom, and cleaning spray. These professionals have up-to-date cleaning technology to handle all the messes that override the way your business operates. Most commercial cleaning services in New York City will provide:

Floor Refurbishing

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Window Washing

Chimney Sweeping

Proper Trash Disposal



Additionally, the disinfectants that these janitors will clean primarily with are green cleaners as opposed to chemical cleaners. Their cleansing formula is made with all-natural ingredients that can cleanse effectively. And whether you work with them indoors or outdoors, they leave no harmful effects in the atmosphere, making them safe to use in the retail space.

With a properly clean area, your staff will have a morale boost to continue working in a secure environment. In 2014, the Center for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) conducted a study of business owners in the United States and found that dirty workplaces would cause a 36% drop in their business. As long as your workplace is clean, your staff radiates positive energy towards each other and your customers.

Give updates on your store

It's always nice to have a third eye in retail. Commercial Cleaning Services New York City can not only assist with cleaning services but will also provide a report on potential hazards your store may encounter for further investigation, which should be addressed immediately. Reports include:

Infestations (Rats, Insects, Mold)

Faulty Appliances (Bathroom Utilities, Electrical Outlets, Store Lighting, etc.)

Damaged Areas (Wall/Floor Cracks, Loose Ceiling Fans, etc.)

These reports can help you prepare their team for a day or a week off to get these issues fixed and to keep everyone safe from harm. This is a great business strategy to prevent you from micromanaging your business and avoiding Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) violations.

Beware of Commercial Cleaning Scams

With commercial cleaning gaining a high employment rate, that doesn't mean there is no downside to the profession. After a successful business opportunity, they accompany their rogue counterpart. Over the past year, the Federal Trade Commission has tracked down COVID-19 scams, including bogus companies that have attempted to impersonate commercial cleaning services in New York City.

The CEO of Cleaning Systems ago, Adam Polity was successful in disseminating the notice to companies in the United States and Canada. He collected and shared the top three factors commonly employed by commercial cleaning scammers:

The organization or person has claimed that their disinfectants can destroy the coronavirus instantly.

The company or person has claimed and offered "treatments" that can kill the virus on an ongoing basis.

The organization or person quickly comes up with a unique deal for your home or business.

In case an organization calls your business and says it is a city of commercial cleaning services in New York City, teach yourself and your staff these three signs not to mention their service. If they still harass your business every week, mark their number as spam or contact the authorities after hours.


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